White robber fools police for weeks with elaborate African-American 'Hollywood' mask

Heh, fooled me. Now I am waiting for the copy cat criminals to start wearing like Asian and Indian masks.

he’s probably a Lounge poster

Wow…ain’t technology great? We have the ability to temporarily turn a gay-looking caucasian dude into a brother. But maybe if the fool hadn’t blown all that money on the mask, he wouldn’t need to be robbing anyone.

Jesus, Rhio. You pretty much demolished any hope he had for a defense.


Just look at how life-like the skin is once he’s put the mask on… it even moves realistically as he speaks, with apparently no prior affixation. I had no idea there were such convincing masks in existence today.

That’s some straight-up Metal Gear shit.

Not quite. He could try the old Robert Englund angle: The mask’s materials caused an allergic reaction that altered his behavior to a criminal bent. Chemically induced bouts of temporary insanity.

Damn the quality of these masks makes me rethink my original position on the ludicrous nature of the Mission Impossible movies…


I am waiting for the white guy wearing a white mask.

c’mon son. when was the last time you heard about an asian robbing someone…outside of chinatown.

i knew it…i saw that post last night in the lounge, i knew some white guy was gonna blame us for shit somehow.

LOL, the funny thing is you know the cops had mad brothas that fit the profile…lol. Those sfx masks look cool as shit. Im dressing up as a white guy to rob banks. That was his bad to rob banks as a black guy.

white guys never get caught robbing banks. a black guy trying to rob a bank and not getting caught is like asking water not to be wet.

Way to steal my idea, i was gonna rock a white mask throw on a cap with the blond wig on…lol. looking like Snow from ff13.

that’s pretty damn funny!

Maybe its like those people who live in the ghetto but have really nice cars/sneakers because they are trying to emulate rich, white society and this is the full circle as white people are now trying to emulate poor black society.

If he had been a little smarter (ie. not staying so close to the robberies, not so many in a short time frame, traveling from one city to another) he probably wouldn’t have been caught at all. Kudos for creativity though.

Just think in ten, twenty years when mask making techniques grow even further in terms of complexity and life-like material… it’s going to be freaking illegal to make masks. You could literally look like anyone.

well it’s already illegal in a lot of places to wear masks in public.

Wow. Completely at a loss for words other than wow :rofl:

Same here, except I never saw the Mission Impossible movies; I was thinking more of Decoy Octopus from MGS.