White Rose Monthly #5 EVO Edition(Melee, Smash 4, Project M, USF4, MKX, UMVC3)


Here’s what Central Pennsylvania has been waiting for…


Rushdown Gaming(https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rushdown-Gaming/1570016909938080?fref=ts)
For this and other White Rose Monthlies in the future we are adding FGC events consisting of MKX, UMVC 3, and USFIV thanks to Rushdown Gaming. Rushdown Gaming has been running tournaments in the Harrisburg area for quite awhile now and has proven themselves to be compentent, professional and organized. It is with their knowldege of FGC tournament organizing that we are able to bring FGC events to White Rose. They also are providing equipment to not only stream matches but to also have a viewing party for the FGC events at EVO.

Viewing Party
For this White Rose we are doing something quite special. Due to the tremendous amount of positive feedback from showing the VGBC stream on a small little TV we are going to expand the event into not only a tournament but a view party as well. We have a large projector screen and plenty of chairs so that everyone has a chance to catch all the action. Also, Rushdown Gaming will be showing FGC event on their projector screen in the FGC section of the venue.

Setup Discount
First 5 full setups for each game(s) gets half off the venue fee for the person that brings them. Please bring setups so that we can also allow people to play friendlies and have the tourney run smoothly.

We are in need of a few people to volunteer to help make sure the event runs smoothly. This would include either helping to setup up the event before the doors open, helping with registration, working the brackets, or even being a commentator on the stream. Volunteers do not have to pay their venue fee and will receive a free staff t-shirt. If any of these interest you please PM me.

Venue & Address:
Verandah Room
York Fairgrounds
334 Carlisle Ave
York, PA 17404

10:00 am - Doors Open
11:00 am - Sm4sh Doubles + Mortal Kombat X
12:00 pm - Melee Doubles + Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
1:00 pm - PM Doubles
1:30 pm - Ultra Street Fighter IV
3:00 pm - Sm4sh Singles
4:00 pm - Melee Singles
5:00 pm - PM Singles

Venue Fee: $10
Singles Entry: $10
Doubles Entry: $20 per team

Singles Payouts:
1st: 55%
2nd: 25%
3rd: 15%
4th: 5%

Doubles Payouts:
1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%

If less than 10 players:
1st: 80%
2nd: 20%

Melee Singles + Doubles
PM Singles + Doubles
Sm4sh Singles + Doubles


Melee Ruleset +Sm4sh Ruleset
EVO ruleset(Sm4sh no customs)

Project M Ruleset

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