White to black side thingys?

hi, so ima kinda new to the whole modding stick but i was wonder how would i go about on getting my white side panels(the madcats 1st te stick i believe) to turn into black. i was thinking painting them but im guessing it would be really hard to match the blacks. also could i just remove them? or would there be holes or something.

oh and also so i don’t have to make another thread, how do the siemitsu buttons feel in comparison to sanwa buttons? sanwa buttons have an extremely light feel to them (a lil too light) and i heard that siemitsu buttons have a harder feel to them. god i wish there was a place i could test them out.

vinyl dye is what you’re looking for

if you remove them there would be holes

check out slagcoin.com for information on the difference between parts

Seimitsu’s vary depending on the model type of the button. PS-14-G’s are very hard to press. If you want something that’s just slightly rougher than a Sanwa button, I recommend the PS-14-GNC series.

Buttons are not exactly expensive. Even if you don’t like them, you’re only out like $30, and most likely you could sell them to someone here anyway.

so there is a difference between them? I’ve never played on ps-14-gs but I always though they were the same as the GNC just different colors style.

Check out this thread:


I used Vinyl Dye to paint my TE sides black, and it worked perfectly. I didn’t have much spray painting experience, but its really a no-brainer. The most time consuming part is getting the sides off… there are tons of little screws to remove. Other than that, a pretty easy mod, and a good way to get you familiar with the innards of the stick as far as assembly and reassembly.

any idea on how to take the side panels off?