Who annoys you the most in Street Fighter 3 and why?

For me out of all of the characters I have to say Remy takes the cake. Every single player I’ve played just spams and plays keep away. I main Ibuki and for a character who needs to put on pressure to be effective Remy is just obnoxious.

-Oro and 12
-Elena’s stage
-Tournaments that allow character switch
-Losing judgment :frowning:
-People that pick low tier characters and use them very poorly
-Any version that isn’t Old Type Arcade

Online being dogshit.

Elena’s stage? Why?

Lol at Rom.


I’ll add zenpou.


Who: Yang.
Why: Yang.




I’m surprised I have to explain! The monochromatic color scheme makes it pretty hard on the eyes. Red Ken might as well be camouflaged on that stage. Also I don’t really like Elena’s theme. If it wasn’t for my darling CASA Elena would be close to Oro and 12 annoyance

yes to Oro and Twelve. Add Dudley.

some guys online actually pick Elena’s stage on purpose. they don’t even play red Ken. they’re just doing it to because they hate you and hate themselves.

Might as well be on Mars.

Never caused me any issues. Maybe because I’m on an HD TV?

Oro can kiss my arse. He’s too fracking small all my attacks go right over him.

so really you hate yourself.

There are some Remy things we can talk about in here. Pretty fun too. But we don’t need to try to get you to be a man and not a wiener about it if you don’t want to improve, or are also that good with Remy and know a better strategy to win in the ultimate arena, online.

That was something I was thinking about in regards to general advice with life or women with the have confidence etc etc. Be a man, not a wiener!

really it’s mostly twelve. I can live with oro. but fuck twelve forever. I have not once had an enjoyable twelve match.

dudley hate probably comes from online. jump in roundhouse repeatedly. 50/50s to follow.

Chun Li because the game would be a lot more fun and balanced without her.

Just take away her cr.mk to Houyoku. That is all.

Aside from Chun these two tick me off:


Inspector Gadget

Although he looks pimp as fuck in a red trench coat


@ 19:20

Urien, I hate fighting Urien players

Urien is a good punching bag.