Who are good counter picks?

Do you pull out any specific picks when you’re facing a dreaded character (gief, elf, blanka) ?

Who is good against close-range full-offense characters?

Who is good against keep away turtlers?

Wanna hear your ideas :smiley: thanks

Dhalsim beats any player who tries to keep away/turtle.

I don’t counter pick at all I just try 2 really learn the match up.

If I did tho my counter pick it would be Ryu all day

look at the developing tier chart in the tier thread

Shin-Bowser and Evil Peter Griffin are two good choices.

Or just play the damn game and learn to play a character thoroughly…

I heard Ivan Ooze is a good counterpick. Against everyone.

Give me a counter pick for seth and it will be my second main.

pick a different game

Tier lists