Who are some good sent players?

I was wondering if there are any sent matches of anyone who use him well, just want to see some sent action, any suggestions of matches to dl?

sanford kelly

I heard kaun has a great sent even tho i haven’t seen it before, only in the UCLA trailer.

anyone have clips of kaun or row? and randy lew also.

raekwon187 has the best sentinel in the atlantic south probably, him or sentinaaal. the whole atlantic south is underground though, so i mean…i’ll prolly get flamed

thanks for the replies

Sanford “Fucking” Kelly

again any vids of kuan in action?

Does anyone have vids of this Randy Lew guy? I heard of him, but have never seen any of his vids. Thx in advance.

i got some vids of kuan , youd have to get it from me over dc though, im having problems with aim

Jons my boy, and Big R straight up knows

My sentinel dominates here now.

Even before jon had massively improved, his sent was still nearly on his level.

Now? lets just say you’ll see.

My sent was beating isaacs cable last time we played, and tearing his sentinel apart.

Heh, i hope he reads this:evil:

Yeah, Mike. You’re Sentinel is ridiculous. I can’t think of anyone else in the ATL South but then again I haven’t seen many other players. I was gonna’ say I have the best Sentinel here but then I forgot to realize that you still live here.:lol: :lol: J/K

What character DON’T you have the best of in the ATL South? Is it Magneto??:lol: Naw, naw, it’s Storm. It has to be.:lol: j/k Send me some of that “Sentinel-On-Crack” juice. When are you free to play again? I know finals are here and all. Hit me up.

koo koo; i’d like to see. u going to the valdosta or columbia tournaments? if u r i might go; i haven’t played you, justin, or jon in foreva. but yeah; the only reason i said that is cuz i haven’t heard/seen of nobody doing some of the fast fly combos he does…he doesn’t even do the standard ones anymore :frowning: he does double rp every time now…and sometimes to the unblockable if he has cyke, u can avoid it w/a super but shit…thas a waste of a super unless u got a frame kill going on

mike’s sent is da truth…

who do you think taught me sent?

my thanos owns sent for free though, dont front mike.

nm sentinel, that beast has crushed galaxies… o-0

i eat galaxies for bars

My dog farted and it smells :frowning:

Oh, and raekwon187 + Sentinaaal! are great Sent players. :slight_smile:

JESUS! I gotta wait that entire 240 sec deal to post and he pooted again >_<!!

kuan and desmond both got krazy sentinals.

Where can I get some Kuan vids…I played him the other day and his sentinel was a fuckin beast!

direct connect

Icege :lol: :lol: :lol:

Justin’s Sent is solid, don’t get me wrong… but if you want flashy shit (fastflys and the like)… watch:


Probably the most fucked up footage availible with Sent is provided with these guys.

Geez I’m so newbie at acronyms and stufff…what cha mean?