Who are some of your favorite mid - low tier characters

Haven’t been usin many lately I’m stuck on Strider/Doom but I kinda like Akuma and or Felicia. I like being able to cancel Akuma’s Hurricane Kick. Plus I think he’s the best Shotokan in MVC2. And I like Felicia’s ground game.

Jin, Tron, Rubyheart, Hulk, Capcom, Charlie, Guile, Ken, and Juggz are probably the ones who I use consistently now. I use a little bit of Sonson, Jill, and Hayato just for fun. Really I like to play as anyone except the God 4 cause I suck when it comes to using them or playing against them. I used to be really good using Psylocke, now I can’t play her worth shit.:lol:

For competitive, I use Cyke/Sent/Capcom or Cyke/Sent/Cable. I want to learn how to use Sent well. The same for Anakaris. Mvc 2 is dieing in my area so I really don’t have to worry about using my competitive teams that much.:lol:

too many lol… but for more serious play guile is the man… as more of a casual thing (although i can still sometimes pull off wins depending on my assists) servbot is just crazy… no1 expects seeing the little guy beat the crap out o some1…lol
ive been messing with a bunch like jin, rogue and gambit… but having trouble with all o them…although they all have nice assists…hmm theres gotta b some1 im forgetting… ken is alright i guess… is akuma really as good as u make him sound? ive been experimenting with him, and he seems to… well… die :bluu:
im sure theres others i cant think of, mayb ill add more later…

Yeah I think Guile is good after blocking a poke string of some sort and if close, it’s out wit the Somersault Strike. His defenseive plays helps alot if he’s the last left, even if u lose u wont lose wit a lil’ dignity, plus I love his c. hk combo’s. I’m not sure about assits wit him but I always use his Anti-Air but I donno who to put him with.

I like a lot of characters in the game, but my all-time favorite will always be Felicia. She’s fun to play and cute as well. I especially like her red hair/grey fur/dark skin color scheme (A2).

ill have to say felicia, rogue (usually as assist), son son, jill, silver sam, and captain commando (as main) is what i use for fun team.

if playing seriously, i usually have BH or Ice man.

Juggy…hes my hero.:smiley: (and so is Thome Yorke)

Bonerine (with Sent)
Ruby Heart

Nuthin’ like a good Felicia

jin is my favorite character.

guile , charlie and collosus are close.

next to jin i like captain america alot.

roll by far is my fav. low tier character.

ive been using her since the game came out.

my main mid tier team is: guile-aaa/gambit-proj/charlie-aaa. its one of the first teams i ever picked up and have been using it ever since in casual and serious matches.

Rogue and Sakura. Very underrated characters!!!:o


I get picked on by many people because of using her for serious competition, but…


Yeah, been using her since SFII in every game she’s been in. When they unlocked her, I just went right to her and been playing her since.

Also, Morrigan. She’s a lot of fun to use IMO. Those air dashes help her game out.


I can’t stand Chun-Li but I dunno maybe u got sumthin’ wit her but I think Morrigan sucks I liked her a while back the only Darkstalkers I use are Anakaris & Felicia maybe BB Hood

And your sn is Vampire Saviour?

Morrigan has hellified mixups, & a stupidly damaging super (DI). Her throw into assist stuff is amazingly ghettofabulous. She’s like a mini-Magneto. Try this stuff out for size:

Instant overhead: jump, immediately airdash down lp.

Float crossup: sj XX forward a/d lp,lk,mk (slight pause), hk. On normal/short height characters, the hk turns around and hits on the other side.

c.hk, sj cancel XX a/d down lp (OTG)…just like mags. Also, you can combo DI directly off of that.

c.hp ^ sj.lp,sj.lk, down+hk (shell pierce) XX shell kick, land
Sets up a juggle situation, except that the opponent is flying back over your head. So from there you can:
a) walk under, call assist and dash back under
b) walk under & throw into assist
c) character specific infinite (doom,tron,etc)
d) character specific reset…s.lp, jump + call assist & airthrow
e) c.lk
f) instant overhead
g) float crossup
h) jumpover & call assist
i) blocked chain into chipping assist & then mixup after that
f) blocked shell pierce XX airdash + assist crossup
g) command throw (not so useful, but humiliating/funny)

There are some more crossup assist things if you have an assist that hits behind it (i.e. Doom-b, IM-b)

Air mobility is good: 3 airdashes, dive kick and her fireball makes her float.

Framekill into Soul Eraser is nearly instant. And besides, its a beam DHC, those are always good.

TK Darkness Illusion, land OTG into combo.

I’m not even that good with her, but you got to recognize the potential.

Damn right! Power that shit up! :mad: Who is Thome Yorke?

Actually screw all that, I’d have to say that Spidey and Jin are my fav low tiers at least. The others who are mentioned are somewhat better to use, but not as fun. Spidey and Jin are fun to use in just casual matches but risky to use them against tiers in serious matches.

i like sonson, but i just can’t use her.

Concerning Morrigan-- In addidtion to the things Deathfromabove mentioned, she’s also got an instant-start super for frame-kills (dpm+PP), a very fast AAA (as fast as psylocke’s), and her infinite (already mentioned) is easier than the other darkstalker characters’ to perform.

FK into Soul Eraser actually IS instant at 50% or less distance across the screen, and only takes one frame to reach full screen.

Also, the OTG after a TK’d Darkness Illusion is unrollable, which is nice.

She also has a pseudo-unfly mode that lets her call assists during superjump air combos (after a d+hk), among other things.

And yeah, her throws into assists ARE pretty ghetto-fabulous, sure thety’re techable, but… HK throw+IM-B does TONS of damage and sets up for big combos in the corner, HP throw +Tron or Storm projectile are good too…