Who are the best balrogs in the world from each region



i know this has been discussed many times but i would like to know who are the best balrogs in the world such as canada,mexico,africa,europe,s.america,australia,china,etc.


Canada - JS Master
US - PR Balrog probably
Japan - Maeda Tyson? Haven’t seen a lot of stuff recently.


I’m pretty sure it taison. and yea I am thinking he probably the best overall. Him and paymu or w/e his name is.

For U.S I am not sure about PR. Keno could give him a run for his money.


US- Keno in my eyes… i’ve seen this guy do some amazing stuff…


I too think Keno, no disrespect to PR Rog.


Heard Daigo quoted that PR was the best rog he’s ever played. He seems to have dropped of the scene for ssf4 though. i dunno.


Uhm, he had a good showing at this past weekends seasons beatings including a win over Daigo in teams.

Yeah, I’d say he’s the best U.S Rog.


the best he’s played. afaik keno has not played daigo and there is no video uploaded online.


i say KENO has the best rog… i played with him often and i main rog… and he STILL amazes me!!! that keno eye is GDLK!


Keno IMO, but PR was really insane this weekend. The room felt like it was going to explode at any moment when the match with Daigo ended. F… Gdlk.

What people see in Pamyu I’ll never understand… Maeda is clearly better than him…


PR is better then Keno. PR has done more in tournaments then Keno has. PR’s style is also the optimal way to play balrog imo. Very safe/spacing/poke/specials are last priority. I find Keno to be very agressive to a fault and while he plays him well, i think rog is better suited for the way PR does him.

Maeda vs Pamyu there is no clear winner. They have different styles. Maeda is a bit more gressive and pamyu more passive. Both have incredible spacing zoning. They both are able to do ok vs sagat in vanilla which is insane. Not sure how people can obv rank one higher then the other. I can rank them only based on which one i like to watch more…


Same as above - I was less than impressed with Pamyu fights but in all honesty and fairness it’s mostly because he has the laid back style which I find stinks (on a visual level) compared to a good ole’ aggressive Balrog (Maeda being the example in comparison) but much like Fox, I’d vote for Maida on that alone as opposed to whom I think was better. Ultimately I’d hazard a guess that Maeda has had more relative success and probably a much larger positive reputation.

As for the US I must confess I absolutely enjoy watching PR Bal & Keno matches, both have their ways and both are so solid it’s not funny. I couldn’t possibly pick one of the two as I’d do the same as above mentioned, which is pick based on visual enjoyment from fights… Then again, I’ve been watching both for ages and love nothing more than seeing them battle it out.

The ironic part is that Balrog v Balrog is wince inducing to watch so saying “Hey, let’s get Keno & PR fighting eachother!” may not be too fancy a spectacle - Nobody can possibly enjoy the awkwardness that is Rog v Rog Mirror :wink:


iirc was pamyu in sbo and maeda not? i’m not picking one over the other i’m just curious if maeda is still active with rog in vanilla.


There are way too many good rogs now to call out a “best rog”. JS Master and Josh Wong have sick rogs but don’t get that much recognition, I asked Momochi who’s the best rog in Japan and he said Pamyu.


ya at seasons beatings thats the first time i ever saw jsmaster play and he was impressive


Focusing on the US: Keno and PR play two very, very different styles of Balrog.

Keno focuses a lot more on high-pressure strings and has a very rushdown oriented style of play (We all know Keno’s famous cr.jab walk cr.jab walk cr.jab). Keno is also incredibly on-point and consistent when it comes to his links / hit confirms / etc (Can’t remember the last time I saw Keno miss a st.jab > Sweep or a cr.strong > Super on confirm). He also has the Keno Eye; reactions so ridic they got their own name.

PR plays -incredibly- safe. His zoning is incredible and his AA game reminds me of Arturo’s Dhalsim. I’ve seen him rush someones junk down with the best of them, but he’s a lot more content to sit back and poke holes in your offense.

Balrog’s playstyle in the SF4 series makes the way PR plays him more… favorable? IMO. They’re both incredible, and I really think it comes down to who you like more.


West Coast boxer wise is def between Keno and Crackfiend imo.


I am pretty sure Crack is a Dudley player now. I’m sure he still fuck around with Rog, but I don’t think he has put much time into Rog as before.


In the flesh right here, just as you said. Not that you can play any other way vs Daigo anyway.



JS Master.