Who are the best for each groove?

I keep hearing how good A-Sakura is and K-groove is whatever, I’d just like to know which character is best with each of the grooves. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Take your time

Whats wrong with the new guys coming into cvs2 imo is : They arent willing to learn the game. Take your time, read the tier lists, read the system faq’s, read the differant groove threads ect ect. Thats the best way to get familiar with the game and who’s who in what groove. Youll be a much better player by understanding the whole game than if you just get spoonfed top tier strats without understand what makes them top tier strats…
Just my opinion

well I’m trying to learn but one other question:

What are the Tiers!? I haven’t even seen a single topic about tiers.

top tier

no particular order and im probably missing someone

A - Sakura
A - Bison
C - Guile
C - Ken
C/N/K - Sagat
C/A/N/K - Blanka
P/S/K - Cammy

don’t forget that other characters still have a good chance against top tier.

EXCEPT for the bottom 4 or something of buktooth’s “lowest of the lowest characters” thread, imo.

i think C-ken and guile are only top tiers because good players can use them efficiently. i rather put C-ken and guile in high tiers than top. same goes for K-rock, K/P-kyo

My bad I posted a top-tier list and you just wanted to know what characters are good in what groove (these are in no particular order and my opinions).

All Groves - Blanka, Cammy, Sagat

C - Ken, Guile, Chun, Akuma, Terry, Kim, E.Honda, Chang, Rolento, Sakura, Iori, Yamazaki, Bison, Vega, Geese, Rugal

A - Sakura, Rolento, Todo, Ken, Bison, Akuma, Vega, Hibiki, Dhalsim

P - Kyo, Eagle, Ken, Yuri, Sakura, Chun, Vega

S - Kyo, Ryu, Yuri, Sakura, Terry, Guile, Chun, Morrigan, Kyosuke, Bison, Vega, Yamazaki

N - Ryu, Iori, Chun, Morrigan, Akuma, Terry, Rock, Ken

K - Chang, Kyo, Zangief, Raiden, Rock, Geese, Morrigan, Vega, Kim, Ryu

Keep in mind this list is off the top of my head. I’m sure I missed a lot of good people in each groove.

my half ass list imo