Who are the best stick makers?

I’ve been trying to get ahold of Finkle to build me some sticks, but I guess he is too busy which is understandable. I was wondering who are the other great stick makers because I would really like some custom sticks for the 360, one p360 american stick and one japanese stick. Thanks in advance.


Besides your mention, and Byrdo (who also is practically unreachable), in no particular order, it seems these are the top custom makers on this forum.

Axis Gaming
TMO for cases
Kaytrim (although he just went on a hiatus)
Big Pockets

I make sticks, but don’t consider myself anywhere near the league held by the aforementioned. Working on my last custom, then it’s just cases for me.


For Japanese sticks, a Hori Real Arcade Pro model for the Xbox 360 is coming out on July 11th.

For American sticks, Ed from Arcadeinabox does P360s in Xbox 360 sticks. MAS does too but they overcharge for it. If you go with Ed, be sure to ask that he does not route for the P360 stick which makes it too high imo.


If you want to go the custom route, lots of people make good American and Japanese sticks such as Sex Instructor, Axis, Finkle, TMO, Jaxel, Byrdo, etc. Byrdo even recently made a stick case that was compatible with both American and Japanese sticks.

I do a lot of Japanese sticks too. Though my custom ability is somewhat limited because of artwork issues.

My P360 option is only available on the True Arcade models as well.

If you ask me, the absolute best sticks are made by TMO and Kaytrim.

Can’t forget Fjod and Big Pockets, even though it seems they max out about one stick per year :slight_smile:

yo guys…


Every custom stick designer/builder on SRK adds their own little touch when making their sticks for customers.

All of them are great in their own way and are very dedicated.

Who are the best affordable stick makers then?

the cleanest stick makers are:

finkle for metal. http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y239/suite53sticks/commissioned%20work/sticks-002a.jpg?
Laurie and byrdo for wood.
and tmo and fjod for mdf although i dunno if they still make shit. i mean check this beauty out http://i185.photobucket.com/albums/x173/Fjod/Sticks/wip/rensengeki/rensengeki-wip5.jpg

Theres another stick builder who recently just made a thread and seems to have inherited all of dreaded fist abilitys. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=157552

Sweden: Fjod
UK: Laurie47
USA: Big Pockets

A lot of people are making great sticks right now but whenever those guys come out with something, I feel like it’s a personal attack against me.



I would personally say TMO is the best. (yes better than Byrdo)
I just feel the combination of his precise skills and artistic eye + hand finishing make him the king.
And it is a personal attack, every stick I make is an attempt to dethrone you, you monopolizing whore :wink:

So the battle is on then?
hah, no just kidding. I still make sticks, really… Just moved to a new apartment so it’s been kinda hard to get some work done. But soon work will resume.

Big Pockets wins me over for originality and design (sorry Shaft Agent :P)
Fjod doesn’t make them often but his sticks are works of art.
Finkle is in my opinion the most consistant in his awesomness
Timoe has some of the cleanest and well design cases you will ever see available.

I think the best affordable stick maker is Zombie CPT. He was gone for a while and poked his head back in a few days ago. I don’t know if he still makes stick but man! The paint! The wiring! Very perfect and very clean.
Look at this!

And this!

And if I recall correctly, he was only charging like…$130 or something crazy like that.

man, all of the big dogs are here TMO, Fjod, BigPockets if you see one of their sticks from across the room, you would instantly KNOW it was made by them :pray:

getting a stick from one of the big dogs would be tough, trust and believe that they have waiting lines out the door and around the corner:shake:

TMO is incredible and I’m a big fan of Big Pockets. My personal favorites will always be Dreaded Fist and Byrdo (hes making me a stick now), In my eyes, they were/are untouchable.

Gl0ry is also really good.

Dj_Matrix is a great stick maker and recently started making them again. Im first hand witness to his quality and effort he puts in them. He has a thread in the trade forum and pretty decent prices.