Who Are The Rushdown characters of ssf4

I think i made this thread one time before but w/e.

i like ryu but sometimes im bored of him,

so im looking for a secondary or maybe a new main.

You can rushdown with every character but otherwise bison, abel, ken, ryu dudley, cammy, rufus

really the list goes on and on

rush down is a way of playing more than a character

mmm, Makoto, C. Viper, Abel or maybe Ibuki.

Gouken, Seth, Balrog, Akuma, Cammy, Bison. Seth, Gouken, and most characters without good fireballs tend to have to rush for damage, but Ryu and ken, both of which have been buffed a little are good at it too. Akuma isn’t always attack attack attack, he’s more of setup then attack. Fei Long is also good at rushing being that he’s based on Bruce Lee. In fact you can rush with pretty much everyone, it’s just a playstyle/strategy. Heck you can rush with Dan/Gen if you know what you are doing, Dan isn’t nearly as bad in 4… Just use his koryu and dan kicks. His fireball is pitiful unless you just want to push someone back a little. Rush is about knowing more than your opponents and capitalizing on opportunities created by mistakes that they make… And combos/ knockdowns.