Who are the technical characters?


How do you define technical?


combos that make a big difference in your potential to win a round require tight timing.

is how think of ‘technical’

by that definition i think urien sits at the top. then dudley i’d think.
after those two i don’t think there’s a big enough difference to make much note of.


yulien and yun






Urien and Oro.




I’ve always thought Ibuki was a technical character.




I think techincality is about more than combos. I.e, even though Urien has hard combos, I think it’s really impressive when Urien players manage to incorporate charge partitioning flawlessly into their whole game while still having pro level spacing, reads, etc. Charge paritioning in training mode is easy as shit but seeing a top Urien move around the screen, avoiding damage (against another top player) while keeping their offensive options is much harder feat than pulling off his combos (to me, at least). In this sense I think most of the charge characters can be pretty technical. Probably not so much Q or Alex.


Q, Dudley, Ibuki, Remy.


To me when describing characters as ‘technical’, its not-so-much about certain execution requirements and more about characters that require a lot of in-game specific knowledge to use and able to create many situations that the opponent would also need to know to get out of. Urien has so many options with Aegis, it would be very hard to list everything he could do (to be honest I still think there’s even more things he can do that are yet to be discovered, like the Chun Double Fukiage recently discovered.) Being able to charge partition all over the screen, while certainly impressive to do in terms of execution, gives him options that he normally doesn’t have; and if you want to learn how to beat Urien, you’re going to need more than recording a dummy to press cr. forward or throw aegis’ in the corner.


To me being technical means you have to specialize in, and know all your move sets. The person with the most moves is the most technical. Gouki.


To me being technical means that the character I play is the most technical. Oro is the most technical because technically, you can see his penis in the game.

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Usually “technical” characters require a high degree of execution in order to play.
Ibuki is very technical in ssf4, for instance.
In this game everyone has their fair share of “Technical” stuff. There are some characters in particular though that stand out.

Remy players need to charge partition and learn how to get every inch of damage they can without getting tossed aside like a rotten emo croissant. SGGK and kara CBK are pretty par for the course. Remy also has a lot of neat combos/ setups, assuming you can pull them off.

Combo wise, Elena is pretty technical (if you can land one). She has an ok SGGK as well.

Urien requires a HUGE degree of execution when it comes to the charge system. The reward for this though (combined with aegis) is massive damage.

Oro is very technical. Most of his combos come off of either stand mk or a followup unblockable reset. However, once he gets one setup, he has meter for another, and another, until finally the opponent is dead, and there’s not much they can do about it. In this way. he’s similar to ST T Hawk.

Akuma can be an extremely technical character when played to his fullest (combo/ technique wise). Triple tatsumaki combos, resets to air super fireball, kara demon, Kara demon/Kara throw SGGK. Akuma also has very high combo ability in general.

Sa1 Hugo can be played in a very “technical” style where the hugo essentially parries and throws/gigas breaks everything- see Hayao’s Hugo. Another style that is very technical is YSB’s style of hugo, at least combo wise. YSB is more reliant on Hugo’s rushdown (palms, fw mp, crossup lariat thing, sa3) rather than his traditional grappling tools, although he does make use of them. Hugo can apparently partition gigas breaker as well.

Ken, despite being the “easy” character, has some technical stuff he can do. He has 2 SGGK’s (with rather “meh” kara throw options) and can double Shoryu much of the cast in and out of the corner. EX tatsumaki has some interesting setups that come off of it. Ken is also very good at applying block pressure as many of his normals grant good advantage on block. This in turn can create some frame-traps and force some mixups in.

Sa1 Dudley can be very technical due to it being generally harder to land his super. Because of this he has to be trickier than an sa3 dudley would normally be. See Fujiwara’s Dudley.
Ryu can be very technical simply due to his nature. He isn’t an “easy” shoto like ken (not as much frame advanatage, can have a hard time getting in, overhead/some pokes/uppercut are slower, lacks forward moving pokes, denjin is nerfed from 2i) and lacks some of the options that Akuma has (teleport, demon, air fireball, cmk> meterless combos of doom). Due to this he has to parry more, space/ control better, and mix up harder to get his hits in. However, Ryu rewards good parrying/ blocking with RIDICULOUS punish combos.

Denjin Ryu requires careful stun management and excellent precision/ space control. Every hit must count towards getting that “DEN DEN DEN!”.

Sa2 Ryu requires sharp defense in order to win. Ryu can also hitconfirm sa2 with a kara input.

You have to iad for movement and sjc into super 2 with 12.

Q- mostly ridiculous punish combos. Has a decent SGGK and kara throw. Has to parry/ defend very well and get knockdowns so he can increase his health/stun Gauge.

Makoto- kara karakusa, kara hayate, kara chop. Juggles off of overhead kick. Death combos off of sa2. Can combo into sa1 after a 2 hayate juggle.
In general THIS GAME is technical. There’s not a character that doesn’t have some crazy setup or trick in one form or another.


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