Who are the three most important X-men characters in Marvel vs Capcom series

I only limit it to three so all of us will think deeply who are the three most important X-men characters in Marvel vs Capcom games series.

And please do give your reasons why they are the three most important X-men characters in MVC games?

Mine are:

  1. Wolverine. He was always in every Marvel vs Capcom and usually represents the Marvel team.

  2. Storm - god tier , noisy character who is known for 8-way air dash and spammable typhoon in X-men vs Street Fighter and MVC2 and hailstorm in UMVC3.

  3. Magneto - i was gonna say Sentinel but Magneto has more appearances and more popular in general.

It’s hard to pick because it is really four: Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, Sentinel.

If by 3 only then i would say based on the order i just listed. Generally, the 6 MVC reps of all time (in terms of meta) are Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, Sentinel, Doom and Strider Hiryu

Wolverine was in every title and remains the most well known X-man to date, so he’s first. Magneto was in almost every title and because of Yipes has become a huge part of MVC culture so he’s number 2. Between Storm and Sentinel, the former is much more important to the comics and therefore is more likely to stick with the franchise, but Sentinel has become more of a MVC classic due to the same reasons as Magneto. I’m gonna put Sentinel as number 3 solely because MVC is the only reason it/they survived through the nineties and non-comic buffs are familiar (unless you want to count Days of Future Past, but I believe that movie would not have been pitched if MVC hadn’t kept the nineties X-Men continuity so alive and fresh).