Who are the Top 5 known abels in U.S.A



now not until recently i have never seen YFC’s Yipes abel before, but i was so impressed by his showing at Winter Brawl. my fav abel in the US used to be ryder, but at the time i didnt know who HAV, Strider, Yipes and ryan hunter were. ive seen a lot of impressive videos of those 4 abels’ now. as good as ryder is, i couldnt help but notice how much scarier Yipes knock down game is compared to his. PR rog, Chris Hu. Aqua silk, even justin wong couldnt handle it. such a joy to watch. now back to my point. i realize most abels here play or have played in tournies. so my question to my fellow abel players; who are the top 5 abels in the US. if you cant think, ill put down all the abel players i know to get things going. who do you keep? who do you cut??

Ryder Strider Yipes HAV Rico KDZ Kreymore Juicebox RyanHunter

to those who dont like the idea of this thread. its not to prove anything, or for people to take it too seriously. i just want to get an interested conversation going, between all my fellow abel players, in an abel forum. also remember, its only opinions :cool: and i’d really like to hear yours:china:


they’re all free :cool:


Hard to say who the best Abels are but to me, doing well at tourneys is a very important area to look at b/c that’s when it matters; not who has the highest BP sitting at home in their lazy boy.

With Abel, Ryder, KDZ, and Rico have had good tournament placings. Combofiend was making a good showing when he was using him as a main. Strider just took 2nd at WCW which is the highest I’ve seen an Abel do at a major tourney since who knows when. But I’ll give it to the Juicebox; he’s done fairly well at both EVO’s he’s attended, Devastation and WCW3. Oh yeah, my box Mike “i can’t believe you last name is” Chow has a sick Abel, beating a godlike Gief when it mattered. . .props.



ive tried making this list in my head and i just cant do it…


in this video. ifc Yipes connects a cr.HP off a counter hit Step kick. that is insane, i have never seen any player do that before. who the hell needs 2 bars and COD for an ultra after counter hit sep kick??? damnnnn



That’s pretty old news :confused:


HAV > other scrubs


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Top US Abel players, IMO

Ryder, Juicebox, KDZ, Rico, Strider… that’s it really.

Nobody else has really done much with Abel in SSF4, outside of Yipes, but he dropped him a while ago.

I scrub out at every major, so there’s no way I’m on the list.

For whatever it’s worth, when SSF4 was really getting played, I thought Ryder was the best Abel.


i think you earn a spot simply cause you take the time to share your knowledge. not to put down the other guys.

also, why do you think SSF4 isnt really getting played? because of Marvel? AE? something else?


Combination of Marvel and AE, to a lesser extent.


Clearly you all are unaware of the monster abel player known as G-Dragon.


G-Dragon = Bustabust???

didn’t he quit?