Who are the top tiers in CvS 2

just wanna try to get a list of the top 1 tiers, middle tiers, and low tiers.

any help is appreciated.

Top Tier: Sagat, Blanka
Low Tier: King, Kyosuke
Mid Tier: Everyone else.

top tier:
Sagat, Blanka, Sakura(esp. A), Bison(esp. A), Cammy, Yamazaki, Hibiki, Chun Li, and if you ask the japanese, Geese.

hibiki isnt top, she dies for doing her b+b for crying out loud!

top- sagat, blanka, cammy, bison, vega, sakura(a), honda(any groove with roll), iori(any groove with roll), chun li, yama

Blanka, Sagat, Geese, Yamazaki:evil:

Hmm, King is second tier, I better change this pathetic CvS2 tier list soon…

LOL, dumbass. Re-read the post.

What exactly makes Geese top tier in Japan? How do they play him differently there?

I think Geese’s counters beat RCs. so that may have something to do with it…also Geese can dizzy REALLY easy, dishes out lots of damage even at ratio 1, standing roundhouse is a great poking move if you range it right, damaging custom, damaging supers (and the japanese have better execution in general, although his true power lies mostly in his deadly rave being so damn good), he’s just a real solid character.

Only 2 people I consider top tier are Sagat and Blanka, then characters like Sakura, Cammy, Bison are top middle tier. Everyone except for King, and Kyosuke are top tier, and the only way King can be played well is if you are in control the whole match, because of her corner traps. Other then that she has low priority fierces, and low stamina, which defines a top tier in CvS 2. With the exception of Sakura. The only thing King as going for her is a projectile, which can be rolled, or side stepped.

um, no, she doesn’t ever need to use her b+b to still remain top tier. all she does is poke the shit out of you, and she gets the b+b back if you can’t punish it (no normal/special to punish or no lev 3 ready).

Also, a-hibiki is starting to look evil.

I think it’s already determined that top tier is:

sagat, blanka then cammy, bison, iori, hibiki, yama and chun.

pretty much anyone not named Kyosuke and Dan are middle tier.

Evil Iori: What part of West Virginia are you from?

top tier is like…


in that order.

Geese, Ryu, Iori, and Sakura are like borderline top tier.

Ok, I disagree with most of you guys. Here’s my top tier list in no particular order.

Blanka, Sagat, Cammy, Vega, Bison, Chun-Li.

Possible Top-tiers which are opinonated: Rolento, Hibiki, Rugal(just becuase he’s the man, and the best undiscovered character in the game)

Yamazaki I would say is definitely not top-tier. In my opinion, a top tier character, is one that doesn’t have any incredibly hard matches with other characters. Yamazaki has a really tough time against Vega. So I wouldn’t list him. As for E. Honda, too basic, not enough depth, and shitty supers.

well by your definition, Vega REALLY shouldn’t be up their since he dies completely to Bison and cammy.

Too late, I had that coming. Now I edited that shit.:rolleyes: Happy?

I’ve heard some stuff about japanese geese. I heard a while ago that some people use him in K groove because if you land a counter, it still counts towards your rage meter. Also, like Uber said, his counter nabs all non-throw, non-projectile specials/supers, and I do mean all. High counter even beats RC electricity. I’ve also been playing Geese pretty steadily for a while and I think he can beat Blanka. He has all the tools to do it. This is not to say that he has no bad match-ups, cuz he does. I’m not sure what they are because I play a very small pool of players now, so I really can’t speculate. But, I know he’s good against Blanka. He’s decent against Sagat, but just not great. He also can use his mid and low counters to stop the N-groove rushdown jabs and shorts.

As for myself, I play A-Geese. I don’t think he needs run or low jump to suceed. His customs are among the easiest and most damaging in the game. Activate, S.fierce x3, HCB+Short (2hit) xn, raging storm (make three clockwise circles during the last HCB+Short and end at DF with jab). It’s really easy to do and damaging. If you want more damage and challenge, go check out Gunter’s site for the real deal. Also, it’s fairly easy to do C.jab x2 into custom. C.Jab x2, activate, C.Forward, S.Fierce, S.Roundhouse, HCBxn, raging storm. You can even set it up off of a cross-up.

Anyway, that’s why i like Geese.

Lol Cammy middle tier…


I guess you haven’t played against a good Vega. In Miami, if this one guy picks Vega, you’d better pray you have Vega on your team as well. Bison and Cammy don’t totally rape Vega, well not any good vegas.

I guess you haven’t played against a good Bison or Cammy :rolleyes: