Who are the top tiers


i am new to this game…so tell me…WHO ARE THE TOP tiers


Dan, Kyosuke, King are top tier

Bottom tier is Sagat, Cammy, Blanka. Don’t even bother trying these guys they suck.


Dan!!!..what about bison?


just from rumors…the people you are saying suck arwe actuailly good??/ wtf dont fuck around man


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :evil:


Nah, don’t let anyone tell you Sagat Cammy or Blanka are good, they’re just trying to trick you into getting your ass beat. Also, M.Bison is only decent in this game. His best grooves are S and P.


lol i know who the tiers are now…your a bunch of asses and im going to kill you all:lol: :evil:


i hate fighting bison and blanka more then anything. i also hate using them, just not my style. maybe that’s why i hate fighting against them as well :frowning: