Who are the worst meter hogs in the game?

After seeing the best battery assist thread, I thought we could actually get some really good discussion if we look at the opposite end of the spectrum. If nothing else, we can begin to redefine and re-examine certain aspects of this game.

So, for purposes of this thread, I want to define the term meter hog in the very first post. Just to avoid any silliness down the line. As I define it, a meter hog is a character that can not function or be a threat to an opponent of roughly equivalent skill level as you without meter to work with.

It’s interesting; MvC3 is a different beast than MvC2. Everyone benefits from super to work with. Most bread and butter combos for everyone involves tagging a super at the end of it. However, does everyone need to attach a super to their bread and butter in order to properly function? What if some people use the super as very visible punish instead of combo damage? Or pressure? I think this can help how we think about this game.

Consequently, I want to keep the format of this clean to avoid flame wars. List the character and tactics and why said tactics are vital to the character.
Why it is vital:

Here, I’ll start with a couple.

First off:

Name: Phoenix
Tactic: Dark Phoenix mode. Indeed, it’s the entire reason Phoenix even has a great psychological edge to her. Suddenly meter management is not just resource management, but a means to intimidate and threaten your opponent with your own (potential) boss character. This is the defining characteristic of the character at the moment.
Why it is vital: Well…it doesn’t work without super bars. In fact, it’s the most costly gamble you can take with your super bar in the game, and the reason why entire teams are built around Ms. Grey. It’s the soul of the character. Her poor health is just too great a deficit to not use this tactic.

Name: Super Skrull
Tactic: Elastic Grab into Tenderizer into Super
Why it is vital: Elastic Grab into just a Tenderizer just does not have the same intimidation factor. Super Skrull needs to be able to make his opponents uncertain about their safety at mid to far range at all times in order for his teleport and punish shenanigans to really come together.

Here’s one that could be kind of controversial.

Name: Ryu
Tactic: Punishing mistakes with supers.
Why it is vital: Ryu is kind of basic, and thus he needs a way to intimidate his opponents. Enter strong lvl 1 supers. Shinkuu-Hadoken is a great full screen punish, and Shinkuu-Tatsu has invincibility, something usually reserved only for lvl 3 supers!

Here’s what I don’t want to see.

Name: Chun-li
Tactic: Tack a super onto her bread and butter.
Why it is vital: She does more damage if you tack a super onto her bread and butter, just like everyone else in this game! :smiley:

Storm Hail storm. Can DHC into or out of any other hyper combo in the game. Decent damage. Can tack it onto any air combo, hits OTG, can do it to murder assists, or XF + hail storm for mad chip damage.

Name: Sentinel
Tactic: Comboing into Plasma Storm/Hyper Sentinel Force, chipping with Hyper Sentinel Force, Avoiding damage with Hard Drive.
**Why it is vital: ** Obvious reasons (Most damaging BnBs in the game, safest way to avoid an unsafe situation, etc.)

If your name is Clakey D or someone with a similar playstyle as him:

Name: Tron Bonne
Tactic: Doing an excessively long combo, building upwards of 2 meters, then ending with King Servbot/Servbot Takeout, Standing Hard into Lunch Rush/Servbot Suprise, AND if applicable, either DHC or KFC into more supers.
**Why it is vital: ** [media=youtube]aXN4w_qtckQ"[/media]

tenderizer is old news. elastic grab into j.2h into combo yo. skrull does good damage even before he connects the hyper.

In response to Tron, Sent, and Storm:

Are those characters not a threat when they don’t have meter? Doubt it.

Name: Dormammu
Tactic: Zoning that easily lands him supers
Why it is vital: Without supers, Dormammu loses full-screen combos and punishability. He is significantly worse w/o meter imo.

While that match was awesome to watch, I think those BnBs were doing good damage even without those supers. Are you saying that Tron’s follow ups after those combos were secured because of those supers? Or are you saying the damage differential if he did not use supers in those combos would have made the difference here?

Good. I can tell this is going to be an educational thread if this continues. :slight_smile:

I think the big grey area that’s going to come up here if that extra damage done by supers in some character’s bnb are going to make or break said character’s performance.

what i came here to post. Dormy needs meter more than anyone else, easily imo.

No, they are still a threat, but this thread is about who hogs a lot of meter, and Sent, Storm and in some cases, Tron, all use up a lot of meter, and for good reasons too.

Name: Sentinel
Tactic: Hyperdrive and One hit kill combos
Why it is vital: Sentinel has one of the highest damage outputs in the game but he needs lots and lots of meter to do it. Can one touch over half the characters in the game, but needs 2+ meters to do it.

Hyperdrive is one of the best overall supers in the game though. Invincible almost all the way through and can protect you from a crazy amount of damage, especially in dire chip situations.

Well storms damage output becomes significantly less without meter. Sent and tron don’t really need meter, especially tron since she actually builds the meter she needs in her combos and sents HSF doesn’t even add on more damage to his BnB’s. But yea dormammu and probably modok are the biggest meter hogs since they don’t build that much meter but they devour it like no mans business.

Tron isn’t really a meter hog unless you build a DHC team around her. She is an insane battery and even that video didn’t do her justice (showed some nice combos into her supers)

I’m not a Sent or Storm player, but at least for Tron, she’s a threat without meter. In the sense that she can build so much meter that her teammates who do rely on meter become monsters.

From what I’ve seen, Sentinel does good without meter but needs it for those ridiculous punishes. Storm is not menacing without meter but with meter she’s evil and even more so w/ XFC.

I disagree. They have great meter combos, but meter is a bonus for the, nothing else. That puts them on an entirely different level than someone like Dormammu or Skrull who need that bar. Tron especially doesn’t need that meter very much, though there’s a good argument for Sent simply because of how threatening he is with 2 bars.

But Storm and Tron both fall into that “tack a super onto the end of a combo for an extra hundred thousand or so damage” category.

I thought the whole point of actually playing with Tron (playing as in not just spamming the assist) is the damage output, which means whatever into King Kobun into 236AB into DHC.

true, but he still needs a lot of meter for his full potential. i mean you wont want to let the chance for hyper go, if you punished someone with meteor smash right? that beeing seid his hypers also allow him some good reset options in the corner.
also his inferno hyper is one of the best lvl1s in the game i think. his best combo does between 400K-500K without and more than 700K with his inferno hyper.
god i love him

Of course. the way I see it though, meterless her damage is still good and she doesn’t lose much in the way of options without meter other than a bit of combo ending potential.

It depends. Maybe it’s just me but I manage my meter according to the chance to kill a character because once they switch the health regenerates pretty fast. If using a hyper now means my next combo is gonna kill them, then I’ll do it. But I don’t try to punish stuff with meteor smashes into hypers, unless it’s an assist and I have more bars to DHC and kill it for sure.

She’s kinda lacking at the neutral game and has problems scoring a good hit, so once you do get to start a combo you wanna make sure it hurts. That’s why I see her as meter dependent.

Haggar on the other hand just sits on his bars. His best use of them is to make the lariat threatening damage wise so you’ll be very scarred of it.

In my team, I only need to score a hit (and no I don’t just jump H) to generate massive meter but she doesn’t need to use that meter b/c that’s for Phoenix.

Her whole point is, one, her assist, and two, the fact that she builds meter faster than she burns it.

Name: Trish
**Tactic: ** Using Round Harvest for pressure.
**Why it is vital: ** Round Harvest looks VERY important to her overall lockdown game. It makes DHC from her safer, and it completely stops opponent’s pressure while you’re free to move around and start/continue your own pressure game.

Name: C. Viper
Tactic: EX versions of her moves
** Why it is vital**: They grant certain properties and make her rushdown game much more effective.

And really, she is the biggest meter hog in the game.