Who are Wesker's ULTIMATE Teammates?



I want to use Wesker on point, and I’m wondering what other two teammates I should use.
What two people would really help him out, and would be still be ok after you lose him?

Currently I have Hawkeye as 2nd and Dr.Doom as anchor. I’ve been practicing some Doom combos and I am having trouble because I cannot consistently pull them off (the timing is annoying). BTW I am using Hawkeye’s alpha assist (horizontal arrow) and Doom’s hidden missile assist.

So should I stick with this team or try someone else? I am open to the whole cast as I’m not really a big fan of any of them.


Your mom.

No, seriously. There are two other threads on the front page, one of them stickied, even, about Wesker team building. Why did you think you needed one of your own? Did you even look in those threads before you asked? Come on, guy. You’re better than that.


People like to use the Post New Thread button as their own personal service button


I noticed the other threads…I also noticed they were created before ultimate came out, and many of the responses were posted before ultimate. I created this thread with a specific question to get feedback solely for my question. I don’t know how pertinent pre-Ultimate teams are with Wesker. Anyways I don’t want to stray away from my topic, I would like to hear others’ opinions on who makes good teammates for Wesker when he is played on point (in Ultimate).


Wesker doesn’t need teammates. Just put him in the anchor spot, use lvl 4 x-facter, face-roll for the win


If you are actually still looking at this thread, Im running Wesker/Dante/Strider which could be one of the ultimate teams for Wesker. I doubt anyone is still looking at this lol.

Dante(Jam Session) has always been a great assist for Wesker because Jam session is used for easy lvl 1 hyper or lvl 3 combo enders.

Strider on Anchor with these two just seems too OP, but without a good strider player, LvL3 XF+Ouroboros+Face-Roll doesnt necessarily mean victory when playing a decent opponent who has invincible start-up hypers namely the one in mind right now is Iron Mans lvl 3 which definitely a dead Strider, Another one is Hulks Metor Smash Hyper (Where he "Rides the meteor off the screen and comes back down with it.) My lvl 3XF Strider with Ouroborous has been punished numerous matches for button mashing against those 2. Strider = 1 hit death as anchor.


Plasma beam with wesker is pretty damn good. I’d say maybe Doom+Strider because you can get both plasma beam and vajra, and if you somehow lose wesker you have doom + strider to back up, and if you somehow lose doom then you have level 3 xfactor strider, and if you lose level 3 xfactor strider you suck at this game.