Who are you switching to? (in AE edition)

so it sounds like cammy goes to the back of the bus in AE. who are you thinking of picking up? Yun (obv), but who else? who’s ‘fun’ like SSF4 pressure/mixup tkcs cammy?

i’m thinking of learning fei, but linking rekkas for some reason is infinitely harder for me than tkcs…

troll bait? :confused:

:mad: Di,

how is this not a seriously question?!?!

if not switch completely, then someone you’ll switch to as a tournament character…i seriously have no experience with anyone else but Ryu since I started playing this game. C to Shining C didn’t help me much, i learned one bnb for each person and grinded it out.

already jumping ship?? AE wont come out on console anytime soon. im guessing maybe Q2 of 2011.

or later. new version maybe Turbo. as in SSF4 Turbo (plus 4 characters and maybe more changes so that Fei Long becomes broken S-WHORE-Tier)

Di, :arazz:

heh, maybe i’m speaking too soon. just gotta wait for sako to show us the way!

If they don’t fix Cammy, I’ll switch to Rolento or Karin if either of them are released. Otherwise I won’t buy the game.

I’m gonna pick Yun just cuz Daigo said so.

Edit: gotta have my dive kick.

Yeah, I think I’ll also pick Yun. His playstyle seems interesting to me. Or C Viper.

Sticking with Cammy until I try her out myself-- if I feel like I can’t adjust: Yun and Yang.

Cammy til I die, yo.

In AE I want to play: Yun, Yang, Sakura, Fei and I’ll keep Cammy BECAUSE I’M SO HOMO FOR JAMES CHEN<3333333

Not going to react until I actually play the game. If she is as crippled as people say she is, I’ll probably play Yun, C Viper or Gouken if hes good enough.

There’s a Cammy in the top 10 in BP rankings for AE in Japan. So she can’t be too awful.

i would switch to viper but i find her so execution heavy. i can’t cancel a knuckle or hammer to save my life. plus i don’t find her play style that interesting tbh. i too must have my dive kicks, Yun here i come! i can’t wait to try out cammy though.

Makoto and Yun or Yang. I’ll probably still play Cammy but Cam-Rog doesn’t sound too fun right now.

I will pretty much main Yang. I mained him in 3S too.
I will keep using Viper, she is still good. But Yang will have the focus now.

if cammy is shit I’ll probably just stop playing, at least as much as I do now. may go back to dhalsim a lil bit, but they’re nerfing him aswell. I don’t care much for the damage nerfs as much, but they fukken made his b.lk slower aswell…

I’ll probably make Makoto my main, but I’ll keep Cammy as secondary, at least at the beginning.

I think I’ll still end up playing Cammy for a while at least, but I’ve been lax in attention to other characters so I would probably be playing other things even if Cammy didn’t change.

I was hoping Karin would get in so I could try a rekka character. Barring that, I’ll probably try Yang. Makoto, since I’ve been playing her off and on for a while. Maybe Sakura/Gouken.

I’ll probably switch to Akuma and T.Hawk. I’ll still play cammy though