Who are you: Thai horror movie about Hikikomori



The story from which Who R U is based was originated by Prachya Pinkaew from a real symptiom found in Japan. Sahamongkolfilm then assemble the strongest team to move the project from concept to a finished product. Ekasit Thairat the finest writer on Visual Horror story in Thailand who penned 13 and The Body is chosen to write the script. Pakpoom Wongchinda (Formarlin Man, Scared, VDO Clip) is chosen to direct this new and exciting movie. Sinjai Plengpanich (Air America) is chosen to lead due to her brilliant acting performance. Be prepared to be horrify and thrilled soon!
contact: pitaya@sahamongkolfilm.com

Can’t find anything about it on IMDB but according to the youtube comments it just now opened in cinemas.

I am fairly sure i am not the only one on SRK that is intrigued by the idea of a hikikomori horror movie, and on that note are there any other on a similar premise ?

No idea if it’s actually any good but just the premise alone makes me want to watch it for either the hilarity it could bring or the genius of a good horror movie based on hikikomori kids.