Who are you voting for the next round?


Everyone sounds cool, but I want the best and who I think could offer more as of now. So I’ll be voting

1.Minette (her style is interesting, the whole clumsy waitress who fights while serving food and gains confidence which will give her another kind of way to fight sounds awesome. Plus no other character has Mike Z and the rest of the dev team helping a character as there customers. And she is one of Mike’s favorites)

2.Brain Drain (his attitude and style sound great, especially when he could control the opponents mind and make them fight there teammates, just wonder how nice that’ll be when fighting Marie)

3.Hubrect (I like his whole childish attitude, although he is a strong man, he also gives a cute playful feel to him. And its cool that he isn’t even trying to fight but will still hurt the opponent)

4.Roxie (a engineer who’ll fight using old engines, engine parts and tools sounds great. Fighting with a hammer, rivet guns, and a properler as a blade, that is something I’d love to see in a fighting game)

What about you guys?




I’m still voting Feng. I guess it’s a good time to remind you: you only get one vote, not 4.

  1. Minette
  2. That fan made one I can never remember the name of. Stupid numbers.
  3. Annie
  4. Random

  1. Minette 2. Feng 3. Illeum 4. Panzer 5. Annie


I am all for Black Dahlia, Brain Drain and Panzerfaust and so should you, fellow contributors.


Regina’s my top pick.


Delete, sorry




I’m voting for:

1 - D.Violet
2 - Mrs. Victoria
3 - B.Dahlia
4 - Annie