Who are your favorite players to watch and why?!

Yes yet another Deezo thread, live it up. But who are your favorite players to watch and why? Local or otherwise…

THAT is the question!

I’m gonna start out with mines in Marvel!

Row-He has bomb Cable defense and that’s bomb. And he has bombly epic matches cause he has the RowTron luck. Fuckin siiiiiiiiick.

Rat-Cause he’s that sick. He helped me out hella when I was a random scrub and he still helps me out now even when I’m an established scrub. Big ups to my man Rat and he plays Madden. He’s bomb for that.

JMar-Just cause he’s that nigga. Hahah, but he makes me wanna play MSS-a because he’s that buff with it.

Zach-Because I like watching him win.

Outside of Seattle…

Justin Wong-When he’s using Magneto. He does bomb shit.

Yipes-After seeing him use Santhrax in Evo vids I had to hype him up. Raw player in general.

Smoothviper-Sick Thrax!

Bill/Deus-I haven’t seen any vids of him lately but I don’t need to cause he’s GDLK!

Genghis-Because he’s tight!

Desmond-Cause he’s Desmond.

Post up people!

Rat is one of my favorite ppl to watch cause when he plays everything just looks fluid…like some poetry in motion shit ya feel me? you have to see it to see what i’m talking about.

l like mandel because he’s BLACK!

5 of the greatest marvel players of all time.

jmar jmar jmar jmar jmar.

I spit hot fire.

locally -

rowtron - rodolfo plays somewhat differently than everyone else. Also he mashes so i might see something new if i am watching him.

myself - i do the most baller shit ever.

jmar - i like watching jason do the more ridiculous sentinel combos and some guard breaks with storm

outside of seattle -

sanford - it’s sanford ‘fucking’ kelly

yipes - ‘in fucking control’ and pulling out lots of combos that require crazy execution

chunksta - just a raw player

Locally- got to be row trinh rat kuan jmar preppy mandel, geeze pretty much anyone from here is good.

NYC- Jwong-Sanford



my magnus

Before I moved back to Seattle, I always enjoyed watching match vids featuring IFCYipes and Jmar. Those two are so very consistent in their execution that it’s frightening. Further, they throw out sick ass combos and punish things that I [up to that point] had considered to be safe things to pull mid-match.

I watch Jwong videos to learn what to do, but they’re not exactly entertaining. Slow and steady does win the race. Nevertheless, Jwong never really dazzles in his matches, he plays ultra conservative and sticks to reliable combos.

As for the local scene, much love to Cody. I have no clue how a man who doesn’t triangle jump or ROM infinite can keep winning with Magnus. It’s almost as though his Magnus is overweight and can’t hop off the ground–but still has a long reach with his poking stick. It’s a mystery.

I like watching Frank play because he gets pretty upset by what happens and talks back to the game, but keeps it funny.

And both Row and Cody have a huge randomness factor that’s fun to watch for. It usually seems deliberate by Row, though, but you can never tell.

I like watching Evan’s Storm. He and Vegita-X (and maybe Yipes or Sanford) have maybe the best Storms. But Evan has technical difficulties with pressing buttons, so he only whips out the Awesome Storm now and then.
Row’s Cable, obviously. Cable in his team is a lot different than standard drones-based Cable, though, which is probably why it’s more interesting. SmoothViper and Potter have maybe my favorite drones-based Cables.
KaiSing has the most interesting Strider. I realize that’s from a field of maybe four people, but he does such great stuff it’s worth a mention.
Sentinel’s never fun to watch, but I think Kuantinel had the most interesting one. Somebody around here was pulling off madness with Sent last week - whoever I compared to X, that was a high compliment to you.
Magnus? Probably Mixup’s, since it was on crack. He either died in seconds or you died in seconds, but it was interesting.

Beyond that it’s just a bunch of randomness, obviously. Matrix and Evan have good Cykes, I never got to see a lot of Viscant, Blackheart always is ugly, Doom is always ugly (people that can do his rocks cancel are tight though), Spiral is always fugly, CapCom… just kind of boring except when you wave dash… but Ruin and Genghis manage to do random stuff with him and that’s cool…

and um… I really like watching good Tron play, but you don’t ever see much of that because she’s soooooooooo limited on point.

Don’t forget DJ-B13 too. Very weird player. Julian Robinson, Bryheem, anyone from Philly that can beat you with Cable/Sent/anything – those Philly guys are a lot of fun to watch. Bryheem got a match off of JMar in tourney with Cable/Sent/Jin. :tup:
Mitsu to me is more interesting than Takayuki - I think Takayuki has a lot of flaws in his game.

Oh: And Rat’s low tier is really fun to watch too.

Kuan’s sentinel is a piece of work to watch

I’ve never seen any Kuan matches. Anyone have a couple archived somewhere?

Kuan needs to come back. Before he started playing runaway Storm, he was my favorite player to watch because his Team Scrub was so buff. His Sentinel was ridiculous back then man. Then he ran into Mixup at 2003 and everything changed hahah.

Not a lot of Kuan’s matches were recorded. I generally should have anything, though.

Personally I Like the way Mandel plays cuz hes a Savage…

Kenny because hes like Sanford but in the West… so Beast…

Stuart- Hes a good playa but its hella funny when he gets mad…

Ryan… I have nothin to say on that… but DAMN it was funny when Mandel was whoopin his ass at Kenny’s house…

Johnny Burns-Hes a savage no matter what… especally when he uses Magnus or Scrub.

Finesse- Thats my nigga… I uses his team… Team Angel and all I have to say is… DAMN! and his Iron Man is soo Dope!!

Sanford- Hes a Beast no matter what… I jus wanna see him vs. Kenny… and Ill smoke wit both of them…

My favorite 3S players would have to be…

KO-Since he can apparently play anyone he wants. Makoto III? Tron Bomb!

KSK-Just because when he was here, I basically had my sharingan on and tried xcopying hella shit he did with Alex. It didn’t work but it was tight.

King-Because he helped a nigga learn! Just like Rat helped me in Marvel but like he didn’t help me as much, but I got bomb because of it. Big ups to King.

Apoc-For spending an hour or two to help me learn Dudley. Because of him teaching me I can’t really play corkscrew blow which is kinda nasty if you think about it hahah.



Oh, and Me and Kenny obviously…

Me vs random guy from cali

Evan fuckin RAIRU: Damn man, I’ve watched you play quite a bit of matches, and your endearing perserverance is what almost always keeps me watching you play.

Kuan: I don’t know about any more, but back in the day, Kuan’s sent was fucking BUFF. Whenever I saw his sent play, I was just shocked and amazed about how he can do so well and how quick that big robot is.

Mandel: I love hearing his “WOW!” or his “Random!?” His antics crack me up, and make him an enjoyable person to play, even when i am losing hella badly.

FAT bear: This kid had “ETHICS” out the fucking yin yang. I remember a few years back, while sam was playing cvs2, I told John aka LTB…I said “John…Damn that sam kid has fucking good ethics” Obviously I chose a poor word to really sum up his play style…but for real this kid has a GREAT composure when it comes to fighting games. He’s fun to watch mainly because of the fact that the kid has good morals…Thus, I say to you…“This kid has good ethics”

TRINH!: Trinh was my favorite person to watch when it came to cvs2. His balls to the wall style always made me smile when he’d come out on top. Heh, sometimes it would look like Trinh would already win the match before it had even begun

Cody: I really liekd this guy. Thought I haven’t seen much of him, however the hype lives up to the name…(I’ve heard that he used to be Row’s training buddy or somethin?)…anyways, Cody is really cool in general. Not afraid to say things like “Nah man, you CAN do it!” a small conclusion, Cody is a good guy, making him an enjoyable person to play.

Other players:

Campbell Tran AKA Buktooth: This guy is possibly the most raw ruthless guy that plays cvs2 today. Fucking raw ownage with his N - Iori. Shit, if you get past that bitch, you best not get knocked down against his N - Morrigain…

Makoto (Japan Cvs2 player): This guy IS P groove Kyo. I think 8 out of 10 matches i see this guy, he ocv’s with his P kyo. (half the reason why i still use P kyo)

Daigo fucking UMEHARA: I’ve heard rumors that people have tried PUNCHING the guy, and he parries that shit. He’s amazing, in 3s and in cvs2.

Overall conclusions: Even though our scene isn’t really alive and jumping, it hasn’t fallen to the flat line YET. Everyone here is fun to play with. People are incredibly nice, and they don’t start shit. I was surprised to knock on Zach’s door, and get answered by Big frank…and fer him to say “Ahh, It’s mickey D’!” (Maybe i was hearing shit but did you actually say that Frank?!) In any case, it really does show that people here aren’t the typical “Elitist” marvel players and such…instead, even big names show some sort of humbleness and are cool about helping other players get better.

The people in our scene are great people, thus, we’ll be able to thrive get better, but most of all have a fun time.

Genghis. When my homie Tommy (Jedi) from San Diego came up to my area, he flew Genghis out here along with Jaha and those guys taught me a lot at the one Southcenter tournament we all went to. Can’t really pinpoint what the SD guys taught me (I couldn’t see a lot of it because of the ownage they were distributing), but they got me to step my game up a whole lot and got my Marvel skills up to par, right along with the rest of my OG Silverdale Marvel homies. The San Diego guys got my gang over here in Silverdale to start playing Marvel seriously. It was tight.

A co-sign on Rattana. I was there from almost the beginning of the MvC2 tournament scene, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody play so calmly and yet so damn on-point. That guy is scary good.

JMar is dope. I wonder if I could mash a Spiral throw on him again. Probably not because I don’t use her seriously anymore hahah.

i like watching samB samY and lawrence play because there the best i’ve seen, no one else i know even plays the game c.c;