Who are your "oh shit" characters?

When that Versus screen pops up and you finally see whom your opponent has picked…

who is the character that makes you go “aw shit this is gonna be hard”?

For me it’s this guy:

Any Shoto.

I know the matchup. I don’t love too often against them. But I only say “Oh shit” Because I know it’s going to be another Copy/Paste Shoto like everyone else, pretty much a waste of my Lifespan.

El motherfucking Furute.

Yes, shotos are boring and the barrage of Ryu’s in PSN (and Akumas recently, thanks Infiltration) is enougn to make you throw your controller against a baby’s head but I’m curious to know which characters you guys fear, not loathe.






Just n’ohhh my God I hate that guy so much. S.HK is the most damaging button to the human anatomy not found on a kitchen appliance and Devil’s Reverse seems specifically designed to be the most infuriating move in the history of fighting games. It is just pure, undiluted frustration manifest in pixels. Plus, he’s even better online. He’s 9-1 against the entire cast, himself included.

Forget Al-Qaeda. It’s Shadowloo that hates us for our freedom.

Blanka, even though they’re less skilled than me i’ll get beat, how do I know that, when they pick other characters they can’t play for shit.

I’ll never understand the Blanka matchup difficulty. That character has no good matchups. Blanka balls do sissy damage and every version is unsafe on block , including Vertical and Rainbow Balls(the only version of the ball that can’t be punished on hit). Slide is unsafe unless you do it from a distance, which is easy to react to. The character stopped being scary after day 3 of Vanilla. What are you guys doing to get blown up by Blanka?

If you want to fear someone who can abuse delayed reaction, shoot forward, and knock you down, there’s Honda, Bison, or Makoto.

I play as Guy almost exclusively…

M.Bison and Blanka … doesn’t matter what they do it just seems to stuff everything i’m trying to do… ugh I hate it :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Cammy, her hurtbox is so completely fucked up it screws up so much of what Guy can do… so annoying.

Blanka is just so fast, gets right in your face, mixes you up and knocks you down. Weak balls into throws, electric shock, solid pokes, fast jumps and good crossups, great anti-air (EX vertical ball), you know, all that shenanigans man. Hopping around like a douche and biting you!

I’m sure that at the highest level of competition Blanka gets blasted out of the water, but here in the 8000 to 12000 BP realm of us mortals, he’s a berserker pain in the ass!

Cammy. Walk forward, do damage.

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lol cant beat em? join em

Ibuki and Viper… it’s battle of knock down and bullshit to death

Headbite can be teched. Hop is completely vunerable from start to finish. You should never have to jump in on blanka at all since he has no fireball. His whole game consist of pokes and hop shenanigans. That’s very tame compared to a dozen other character who hit harder and have better mixups.

You shouldn’t be at 9000-12000BP if you’re losing to that stuff. Then again, online ranks are meaningless.

Blanka online is completely different to Blanka offline at the arcade. I fear him when Im playing online black / yellow bar Blankas, but green bar Blankas are easy.
I can understand the hate though as he has so many active frame it makes him really strong and on those connections teching throws and electric mixups become hard. Its not the character its the net connection.

Ibuki and T.Hawk…

yeah those two. Honda gets his maximum share of my hate though.

El Fuerte ofc, I instant kick el fuerte players in endless. Same with Vega, cant stand his wall jumps, back handsprings (How to beat that shit?), and silly noises, I rage because of his fucking yelling :stuck_out_tongue: .
And yeah, thx to infiltration, there are a lot of akumas, but most of them suck, doing only air firewall keep away things, no problem there.

E.honda,adon,sometimes ryu but only because i get to see him like 10 games in a row when there is like 8 diffrent players. i cant understand why people hating on fuerte i think fuerte players are awesome they are so aggresive.