Who beats vega claws


R4 sagat



but i’ll post something worthwhile on vega in a day or so.

yo popoblo kyo really beats vega…i have used k groove kyo against vega and been sucessful but i always thought that vega still had an hugh advantage…and sagat gets own up by vega…i havent found anyone in c groove beside maybe blanka that can beat vega but still vegas has a edge in that fight too imo. waiting for your answer back dude let me know what sup

really good-rolento cammy
good-sak blanka
ok-eagle bison

sak and cammy…umm i dont know about that… it still a pretty hard fight for them…i found out rolento does pretty well…i never touch eagle so that koo to know…and bison beats vega but people usally pick vega as a battery and bison isnt a great battery so i never match those characters up…blanka beats everyone hahah…anyone wid time can explain some tactic would be cool

RC Blanka (just RC electric when Vega is down and j.HP (the claw normal).

Cammy and Rolento are also good against him (and vice versa).

a better Vega


i think realistically though, the best anti-vega is blanka.

does rolento really do that well against vega?

sure his standing jab pressure is really solid up close, his RH slide is nice, but it seems that a jump happy vega is tough to beat using rolento. if vega knows the angles where standing strong won’t AA, then the only thing rolento can do to AA vega is RC scouter jump + jab, which means the rolento player is primarily focusing on getting that out in time.

just throwing it out there, i remember seeing ricky’s vega vs kim’s rolento in the evo west vids and that was what stood out the most to me.

This is true
Vega’s jump RH has a “steeper” angle than Rolento does on the st. strong. Vega hits Rolento in the head, while Rolento hits air. Also early st. RH beats scouter jump xx whatever. So, thats a plus along with the basic cr. strong keepaway.
Rolento can also do air to air fierce instead of air to air jab, but the timing is a bit random it seems.

what about an RC scouter jump happy rolento vs vega?


Welcome back! :tup:

That may give vega time to build meter and catch him on one of his landings with a custom…vague for vague

or macko.