Who Benifits from Tiger Knee motion attacks


i know akuma does but don’t people like sagat terry joe and rugal do to


only people with air moves benefit (and not all air moves can be done instantly) so i don’t think Sagat, terry, or joe benefit, since they don’t have any air moves. But Kim, Rugal, Ryo do…and i’m sure more that i’m forgetting. Oh, Cammy (and i think sakura too, although i’ve never tried it) can’t do their air dive kicks as instants, for some reason.


Cammy and Sakura have to be at a certain height to do their air moves.


ahhh…thanks you kev…bokchoy;)


At least Ken (and probably any other kyauku) can use that motion to get backwards fast, but I haven’t found a time when I needed to really use it :slight_smile:


Ummm… Anti-cross-up is the main use IMO. It also builds meter fast, getaway, wastes game time.



tiger knee shinpuken is evil


Reverse Tiger Knee with short for Dan builds meter like crazy.


That seems to be the case for all the shotos. Perhaps Dan is extra profficient though.


Dan’s Air Short Gale Kick drops almost as soon as it comes out if you Tiger Knee it, allowing you to do about 3 of them in the time it takes Ryu to do one Air Short Hurricane Kick. In other words, Dan builds meter 3 times as fast.