Who came up whit "KFC"?

  1. Who came up whit that? Seriously, its the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.It is XFC ffs.

2.Why are people still calling it KFC wen it clearly must be XFC? That’s even more retarded.

Where do you see a "K’ in “x factor cancel” ?!?!?!?

Scrub noobs looking to force a meme.



Im surprised the people that “invented” it aren’t here claiming it to be there own. I mean, they are in fact on this site. They were so proud of themselves back then.

Was a little joke going around the early life of this forums, when like 10 people at most posted here. I guess it got out of hand but it is still very fun atleast for me.

Doesn’t really matter, the term has been banned. You can use the Search tool to get a more exact answer if you really care.