Who can be juggled/stood up after a forward drill kick off the ground?

Since characters juggle differently, sometimes I cant land the c.jab after the forward drill kick (it hits them when they’re on the ground) to stand them back up. Does anyone have a list of which characters this can be done to and which it can’t? Thanks

Drill kick?? do you mean the rolling kick?
Which version of kick are you using cause EX makes the person go the highest with RD second. I believe practically everybody can get hit by standing jab after ex roll kick. Most people can get hit with standing jab after the RD roll kick. I personally use jab for RD roll kicks if they connect or standing mp for EX kicks.

You can kindof tell what move can hit them depending on how high they fly. Heck if you are lucky and you somehow hit them when they are at the peak of their jump I believe you have time to walk a little, close standing mk launch and do some other shit when they come down.

Um…well, I clearly said in the title and body…FORWARD drill kick. I know you can do the jab on everyone after the EX one but this is for when I dont have EX Meter and they throw a fireball or something

Woops sorry, my bad, when you said forward I thought you meant the direction, not the medium kick. Havn’t really tested that one out before because I rarely do the medium kick roll kick but perhaps I will test it out tonight or somebody else could enlighten us with the data.

Well the medium kick juggles at the same height as the RH so I guess this question pertains to both versions

what happen to the “yang everything” thread? :confused:

you sure this works? because if they hit the ground the combo ends. unless your doing a mixup reset combo???

i know you can do a standing jab to the character in the air from a foward rolling drill kick. and do resets when they land with either a flip grab or just mix it up however.

what i meant by that was the forward drill kick hits them off the ground, as opposed to out of the air.

oh ok not really sure if the jab will still hit if from off the ground, but for me i don’t combo the drill from the ground combos usually i combo it off the launching foward kick. and super after that for show.