Who can beat the game on console with 3 servbots?

I envy the skill on that player!

Yeah thats a pretty tall order. It can be done tho. Servibot dosent suck, he just requires more skill.

I’ve done it. It isn’t too hard. Abyss 1 is the hardest to beat.

omg… this shit should be on gamefaqs, not shrykn

couldn’t have said it better myself :lol:

(raises hand)
Not, by any means, an impossible thing to do.
Once you make them all Gamma-Type Assists, that is.

lol…lamest thread ever thats shits is easy man -_-

umm… turtle and do servbot swarm supers

for abyss

  1. do servbot swarm super… jump and build meters… more supers…

  2. walk over… keep doing attack + assist… when she bubbles / spins just block

  3. do a triple servbot swarm = ggpo abyss.

building meter with servbot it the shit, only thing cooler is building it with 3 servbots