Who can do joystick wireless for PS3?

look above topic. I know PS3 control is very expensive. :sweat:

custom joystick modifiy controller.

you should check the trading forum. there’s plenty of custom stick builders there.

also, i don’t think you need a ps3 controller. just get a ps2 one, then use pelican’s ps2/ps3 converter.

I don’t want that on PS2 controller wire and on ps2 wireless sucks.

PS3 controller don’t need batteries. just plug restore battiers. :rolleyes:

ill just say what we’re all thinking


go to trading forum and ask a stick maker

The Buy/Sell/Trade Forum. http://forums.shoryuken.com/forumdisplay.php?f=226
Here you can mostlikely find people that make Custom sticks, and who could possibly help you.

I think he wants to know if anyone has figured out a way to hack a sixaxis. Has anyone?

^^^ check the pad hack thread. I haven’t needed to hack one yet so I haven’t looked.

Yep, the SixAxis has been hacked and there’s even a thread about it.

oh yeah! Hejdlond is god hacking PS3! :wgrin:

I’m wait for cheap price a PS3 controller. I will hack modifiy. :badboy: