Who can fix my MAS stick?

Recently i tried plugging in my (well… borrowed) MAS stick, and it didnt detect at all. i tried it on PS2 and USB/ps2 converter, and neither worked.

the cable is in pretty bad shape, it has some major kinks in it, so… i think it might be the cable, but… i dont know the schematics enough to wire a new ps2 cable in.

so… who can help?

i put this in the trading section cause i’m willing to pay for someone to fix it.

If you just want to fix the cable, you:

  • open up the stick
  • find out which wire corresponds to which pin on the controller plug and note where that wire is connected.
  • take a PS extention cord and cut off the female end, or get the cord off of an old non-working controller
  • find out which pin corresponds to which wire (you have to do this again since the wire colors might not be the same, especiall if the cord comes from different controller brands.
  • desolder the old cord from where ever it was connected and solder on the new one.

The alternative to this is to just replace the PCB with a new one. Then you wouldnt worry about cutting or soldering any of the wires for the cords. You would just have to desolder the wires for the buttons and then resolder them to the new PCB.

i checked the pcb — ruined a dualshock2 lol.

then i checked the wires in the cable… .the mas stick has only 7 wires going into the pcb, and the DS2 has 9.

the cables in the MAS stick are probably messed up, i checked continuity (sp?) in the MAS and only had 5 of the 7 wires working. the DS2 cable had 7/9 working.

so i assume that 2 are blanks in both controllers (or loop backs) and in the MAS, 2 of the wires are broken. –

First, you shouldnt be trying to hack a PS2 controller. They just dont work. Arcade buttons arent analog but the PS2 buttons are. Its possible to trick the controller using resistors but its still not the same.

As for the wires in the cable, the PS controllers have space for 9 pins, but only use 8 of them, in addition to this, there is also a metal square on the top of the plug that may be hooked up to one of them, this would act as an extra ground. If you want to learn more on this, then go download the files for the UPCB and open up one of the files for the PS controller. In it will be a list of what each pin in the plug is for.

When I made my PS cord for my UPCB I found all 9 of my wires in the cord to be connected to something. I didnt check for the metal square on the top, but I did find that two of the wires were connected to the ground. In my case these were the black and grey wires.

One question is, are you checking the wires correctly? You should be using a multimeter, connecting one end to one of the pins in the end of the controller, and then finding which of the wires at the other end it corresponds to. If you already know this then thats good, but I am just making sure.

If you checked the wires correctly then it is likely that two of the wires are broken in the MAS stick. The problem would then be to find out which pins those wires are supposed to be going to. My only thought on how to do this would be to strip the insulation until you find where the break is and then test to see which pin it corresponds to from there. Although you might not want to do this unless you are absolutly sure you are going to replace the cord since its going to ruin the old one.

yea, i was using a multi-meter. thats my problem so far- the ps2 cable has 9 wires, but the MAS stick uses only 7 of those… and of those 7, four of them are MIA (so to speak).

stripping down the wire to get the insulation off would be ideal, probably a pain in the ass trying to get the connector appart.

Bite the bullet, and hit up paik for a solderless hack psx pcb if he’s got any left. It’s 100% worth the money, and easy as shit to fix if anything goes wrong. I know my mas sticks got fucked up, cause mas doesn’t believe in quick disconnects, and in half an hour with a solderless hack pcb, I had a perfect working stick capable of mvc2 justice.