Who can help me with Real Arcade UNiversal to usb?


im wanna put this joystick to use on my laptop,i make a few test,the firts experiment i cut the xbox port to try put the usb cable and notthing happend,the second experiment i try to put the usb cable directly to the pcb of the joystick and doesnt work againd and the last experiment i try put a original xbox 360 controller but its to diferent of the tutotial of the madcatz 360 controller,so what can i do to play this joystick on my laptop with mame roms,regard


I have absolutely no idea what you just asked. Try using capitalization, punctuation, and complete sentences.


in the forum, somewhere else already i answered this by talking about it i did the question how i got it werking in yousb im not taling about it to answer again since i dun talked er typed it to add information to forum so u can find it if you take a look its in a book a reading rainbow


i cant find that thread,and the one that you said it for madcatz controller.regard


What stick are you referring to? If it’s the Pelican get either a PS2 to USB or Xbox to USB converter. Either are cheap and widely available.