Who Can Oro Cross up in the Corner?



He has simple saII unblockable in the corner but obviously only work on certin chars. I know he can cross up 12, alex and hugo from doing it on them but. Who else an he cross up in corner?


A simple way to test it is to have your opponent stand in the corner. If Oro is able to jump over them and push their sprite out of the corner when he lands, he can cross them up. Regardless, I attempt to cross everybody up; unless they’re perfectly aware that Oro can’t cross them, they still might eat the Yagyou and the followup by trying to escape or parry.

Off the top of my head, Urien can be crossed. I’ll get back to you with a full list later.


Heh hey! Put your answer in the yagyou dama thread. I’ve been looking for reliable unblockables for like forever!


Short answer: Akuma (but NOT Ryu/Ken/Sean!), Urien, Necro, Alex, Twelve, Dudley, Elena, Hugo.

Long answer: See the Yagyou thread.