Who can punish blocked headbutt?

the title says it all really.

now I know vega the claw can punish it with crouching mp, and hibiki with qcf mp.

how bout others?

I THINK that quick supers like rock’s lvl 3 k super can punish it. but how bout others? like Chun’s kick super?

thanks for the help bros. :encore:

Super’s need to be on the level on Sonic Hurricane, Mega Physcho Crusher, Gigaton Blow to punish blocked headbutt.

Also, Cammy’s Lvl3 will do it.

Rock’s might.

Chun’s does not. As fast as it is in 3S, Lvl3 hoyokusen isn’t that fast in this. She can’t even get yamazaki’s slashes, or Hibiki’s if I recall.

I’ll test hibiki.

so no one got a complete list of this?

Roll behind, low tiger super any strength (fast)
late air block, cr. fierce

Late air block, st. rh

late air block, st. forward.

done, here’s the list
tested with my character in the corner, honda sitting at the distance he is after a blocked headbutt, blocking the headbutt high

bison B,f,b,f+P (reversal)
balrog B,f,b,f+P lvl2/lvl3 (reversal not needed, lvl2 timing is tight)
balrog B,f,b,f+K (reversal not needed)
cammy qcf,qcf+K lvl2/lvl3 (reversal)
guile B,f,b,f+P (reversal not needed)
hibiki qcf+LP (reversal)

stuff that seems to work at a bit closer range:
hibiki c.HP
mai qcf,qcf+P lvl3 (reversal)
vega B,f,b,f+P (reversal)

that’s all i could get to connect, i tried vega red impact, but it kept whiffing, and his c.MP would get blocked, maybe i’m too slow with the c.MP though

balrog seems like a good choice against honda? dunno