Who can replace Magneto on a team?

Who has good mixup potential like Magnus?

Storm has some similar stuff to what he has.

Why pick storm instead of magnus?

Storm has an easy, anywhere on screen DHC glitch starter.

It’s not a matter of picking X instead of Y, i’m just saying storm feels close to home.

Storm is most similar to Mags. She’s not as good IMO but its easier to pull off good combos with her (good by storm standards). I guess Iron Mann and Doom could be considered replacements with fly, triangle jumps, and beam attacks, but neither will get you the DHC glitch you probably want with Mags

I heard that in UMvC3, iron man’s tri dash got faster so I’m wondering if he will replace magneto as the tridash king. Magneto got some the replusion, attraction, gravitation to make up for losing dash speed.

Nope… magneto has been played for years and just because they make hi slower does not mean that players like yipes will use him differently… Mags will always be the head honcho and dont change mags… storm is kinda close but i would suggest sticking to magneto…