Who can say if a game is dead or not?

When I am on SRK, other fighting game websites, or watching a stream I’ll often see comments about how a game is dead, and it has no scene.This is pretty annoying, because these comments are usually aimed at fighting games that were not developed by Capcom, but I usually write these comments off as people just trolling (Oni is banned etc.), and pay them no mind.

However, the sheer volume of these types of comments being made by both trolls and non-trolls (at least their good at not sounding like a troll) alike, made me wonder who can say if a game is dead or not? If anybody. I see people saying things like Blazblue CS2 is dead or Mortal Kombat is done for, but there are tons of people that play these games (and other fighters) together everyday, both online and offline.

Obviously if a game has no scene whatsoever than it’s pretty safe to say that it’s dead; I mean it’s pretty hard to Argue that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Tournament Fighters is alive and well (LoL), but sometimes it’s not that easy. What about games like Super Smash Brothers that still have people that get together and play competitively every other weekend? Or even less mainstream games like Melty Blood or Arcana Heart that have scenes, albeit small ones? Or classic games like SF2 or Capcom vs SNK 2 that are still loved by many, but played by few? Do they not matter or count as alive just because they didn’t make EVO, or don’t have an SSFIV:Arcade Edition like following?

So what do you guys think makes a game dead? Do you think it’s lack of mainstream support (lack of streams, and or tournaments including said game in it’s roster of games etc.)? The inability for the game to grow and develop depth wise? Haters? Do you even think a game can die? Do you make your decisions on what fighting games you play based on what games scene seems most active? And do you think the fighting game scene as a whole can continue to grow if we show such intolerance to the games we ourselves do no not play?

P.S I apologize in advance if there is a thread like this already or I posted in the wrong place, this is my first time doing this :smiley:

As long as the game is alive in your heart, it will never die.

No, seriously, as long as there is a scene of some sort - even without tournaments - a game will never be considered dead. Mainstream or not, if there are people playing it, then it’s not dead.

Unless a game makes a complete overhaul, it’s not dead.

e.g. - CvS1 is probably dead. SSF2 is probably dead, minus the Zbattle crowd. Tekken 4 is probably dead.
These are disliked games that have better sequels.

TMNT TF isn’t dead because it’s a good game and has no sequel.

Shaq Fu, on the other hand is dead because it… well… was an aborted fetus.

take that back bro, shaq fu is awesome :rock:

In this day and age, if games like CvS2, Guilty Gear, etc had re-releases that involved netplay, I think those games would reach a whole new audience and no longer be considered “dead.” But by and large, when new games come out with flashier graphics and on more current systems, it’s much harder to get people to play older games, especially when PS2 sticks are harder to come by, and no one wants to have to haul a PS2 to a tournament. If there are more people playing SF4 and it’s a pain in the ass to organize tournaments for older games, well, I can understand why people would move on.

As a Guilty Gear player, I really hope ASW makes a re-release happen for AC or even Slash, because as much fun as it is to play, even alone, some competition either online or off would be welcome. And as I don’t have a lot of time to play anymore, online would probably be the best way to go.

Marvel 2 didn’t really have a revival when it was released… Neither did HDR. They reached a whole new audience for about a month, until the scrubs couldn’t keep up with vets and got mad about it.
Very few players really stuck with it.



Yeah, I totally understand the trouble of a person organizing a tournament having to lug around a bunch of different consoles for games people don’t play much, but people saying current games like BBCS2 are dead when their not, I think is out of place, and hurt the community as a whole, I mean were not much of a community without diversity.

P.S I also agree that if CVS2 and Guilty gear were updated and brought to current gen systems (that matter, in Guilty Gears case LoL) they wouldn’t be considered dead, as they are still really fun to play.

Agreed, Accent Core on PS3 and 360 would be dope.

I wish more people thought like this :tup:

Why worry about what someone else has to say. Who cares.

Personally, tournaments are what I go by to measure how active a game is. But as long as there’s online play, these games can’t die.

Yea, I agree.

I also think GGPO, and other programs like it plays a small part on keeping some old school games alive also. It’s nice to hop on there and see a considerable amount of people still playing these old games that people say are dead.

Commercially dead and actually dead are two different things. I think people call a game dead simply because it’s not selling mega units any more or because people at their school/job/whatever aren’t playing it so they just write it off, but I agree with Malevolencia, as long as there is an active online scene, it’s not dead.

A lot of people act like that. Yuo don’t understand how many mk bashers I have to place in their from time to time. The same goes for smash in a way. Why can’t they just shut their mouths? Besides, if someone told them that a game they were playing was dying they would get butthurt.

Not really. I want to play Battle Fantasia and online is a ghost town.

All I gotta is this

Watch the stream!

Oh Most Definitely! :wink: Alpha 2 and CvS2, aint missing this

Guilty Gear actually had about 88 entrants in the Evo side tourney this year, so while it’s not the 15K that SF4 got, it’s still pretty good for a “dead” game.

I agree with this sometimes you will turn on a stream and the commentators will be saying a game is dead/dying, but we do have take into consideration that this is based on a small amount of people (even though some places have big scenes), other factors like timing (when the tournament is held etc.), how many people play the game in their particular area, and/or the persons own bias affecting ones judgement play a factor. Also, I think that a game can still be considered alive with an offline community just the same as a online community; so long as people care about the game in some way shape or form, then I don’t think anyone can really call it in most cases.

Wow, I wish I could’ve watched that stream, but I haven’t been home lately so I had no idea it was going on and missed it :bluu:

Goes on every two weeks. Watch it. Support. Follow the Twitter for updates.