Who cares about Daigo winning EVO 2010?

Ricky Ortiz’s sexuality, Justin Wong’s weight and the hottest male/female are far more important imo.

Who cares about your opinion?


consider yourself owned.

Very nice. Though seriously~ it is kind of funny that nobody really is talking about his win in nearly any thread. >.>

Since the stream cut out~ how was the crowd reaction when he won at Evo? I mean… I was at Evo2k9, and when Daigo won, the cheering was muted in comparison to when J.Wong tied it up. It’s cool that people still respect Daigo and really love him~ but I have a suspicion people are deeply wishing someone would stomp him.

To be honest~ was really hoping Infiltration got a shot at him.

Biggest controversy this weekend:

  1. Adam Sessler commentating
  2. Stream went down in the finals
  3. Justin Wong not making it to top 8

it’s because it wasn’t much of a surprise. He’s the reigning champion. If the reigning champion preserves his title, people usually dont really care.

I’m actually more interested to find out if Dr. Chaos sells his Ken hat. I heard custom Stetsons go for some serious dough, he could walk away with just as much money as Daigo got for winning the damn thing lol.

He got respectful applause but nothing crazy or shocking.

This. Like Kanta said, when the favorite wins it’s not very exciting. Had Ricky come back to win from losers, the crowd would have gone apeshit.

As soon as Mike Ross took out Gamerbee, I already knew the finals were going to be Daigo vs Ricky Ortiz. IMO Daigo’s biggest threat was Gamerbee since bee had already beaten him before. Not to mention Adon is a character who most don’t get enough practice on. Kudos to Daigo for taking the top spot again. Definitely deserved and it definitely wasn’t an easy task. Lamerboi vs Daigo anyone?

I would’ve liked to see Infiltration vs Daigo. Soon as I saw Ricky O beat him I knew Daigo had won.

Gamerbee plays regularly with Daigo over XBL, so its not like Daigo is unfamiliar with Adon anyways

it was not an “explosion” since i think people kinda felt like he had it in the bag before the finals even started.

it was pretty loud still