Who Counter's Dante?



What character do you guys feel has the advantage over a good Dante?


dante in devil trigger



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due to lack of an angel…NO ONE!! okay maybe Vergil…


Vergil counters dante? right… the next thing i will hear is that hsien-ko is top tier and zero is the worst character;

Now being serious, dante has no ‘‘counter’’ itself , but some characters have advantage when played in a determinate way, for example magneto, if dante and magneto are at mid range dante has a lot of advantage because of his normals having more range(and being safe),reverb shock, and a lot of his tools are designed to work in mid range , but if magneto gets close to dante and puts him in a corner then magneto has the ‘‘upper hand’’ because having that high-low mixups that for dante(and any other character) it is difficult to evade and his normals are slower so it will have a hard time getting out, so the key is controling the space so dante can’t use his tools , keep the pressure on him and eventually you will get a nice clean hit confirm.


some people have said zero is a tough match for dante; although, no one ever says why.


It’s one part because of Dante needing his prep time and space Batman style for his better zoning options, one part because no move Dante has starts up faster than any wall of active frames Zero can wave in front of himself with his normals and one part Zero’s attack angles + conversion rates off of a touch. If you don’t have an assist dedicated to keeping him out of the air or outspeeding his own zoning with Buster/Hadangeki/Buster canceled lightning while yours starts up, you have to play an immensely patient zoning game and be good with your movement while praying that you aren’t clipped with something or deal with YOLO pressure from the Zero. Of course these problems are further compounded based on assists the Zero has available and the skill level they have to the respect level they have for your Dante.

Devil Trigger typically alleviates most issues with this but then you also have to concern yourself with meter issues if the combo you catch him in isn’t a ToD.


I feel that Azure pretty much gave you the breakdown on why zero is slightly advantages over dante so there’s really know need to talk that much more about it. The only thing I would add on this is that because zero’s buster goes through everything when zero uses his lightning cancels to lock you down, any assists called during that time (which is usually the only time the Dante player has a chance to call n assist) are going to be hit unless it’s invincible like iron fist’s.

Another character I feel give Dante a hard time is Vergil. Although Vergil’s moveset is far more in recovery they usually are quicker to come out for some reason then Dante’s so a swipe from Vergil at the same time as Dante’s usually will fall in Vergil’s favor. Plus Vergil has swords. If he feels the Dante player is too solid at pressure and too dangerous to be let loose, he can use the combination of his sword super and his assists to keep Dante lockdown. And when swords are out all of Dante’s normals are too slow to poke and prod in between and he obviously cannot use any of his keepaway toolset. Plus I’m pretty sure Vergil’s teleports are faster than Dante’s (could be wrong though).

Another bad matchup I think is Dormammu. Although Dorm’s moveset is pretty slow, a smart dorm knows when to push his buttons (which by the way are equal to if not a longer range then Dante’s) and how to use teleport and flight to get him in and out of danger. Plus any true Dorm player will have lockdown assists to cover his specials and to acquire new spells to unleash. Plus Dorm’s size makes it hard to cross him up which as a Dante player I do NOT recommend as Dorm’s crouching M will not you clean out of the sky with it’s insanely deceiving hitbox. Dorm’s normals are active for longer that Dante’s and teleports on a smart Dorm won’t yield any favorable results.

Another unfavorable matchup (for me at least) is Hulk. All of Dante’s normals other than crouching H are one hit moves which against a 4/5 points of armor Hulk moveset just isn;t going to cut it. And an easy projectile based keepaway with Dante’s specials won’t get you far without an equally efficient assists to cover your reload time as Hulk’s moveset plows through nearly any of Dante’s specials not to mention his invincible Hyper he can mash out when pressured. This Hyper also makes teleport crossups inefficient and too dangerous to risk. In this matchup Dante’s spacing and choice of movement/action must be impeccable as one false move or mistimed assist call could mean the choice between winning or losing.

One last matchup that can give Dante a run for his money would be Spencer. While I feel that Dante’s normals are capable of keeping Spencer out and clipping/catching any that don’t correctly space themselves, when accompanied with a horizontal assist, punishing Spencer’s zipline can be quite the task. And if Spencer gets in close proximity, his normals will be out and of Dante’s and anytime that the pressure is momentarily stopped, Spencer always has his invincible on startup super at the ready. Upclose Dante just loses to Spencer the same way he does to Magneto as they take way too long to come out. Plus Dante’s health is the greatest to one wrong touch or failure to tech and that could literally mean the end of Dante if Spencer’s team is optimized for him.

For minor annoyances I would say ammy as she’s too low for non-telegraphed overhead crossups or Air S -> hammer cancels. Plus lockdown against ammy is risky as she always has counters for both melee and projectile. Good thing is her life is low so one wrong move and she should be dead with any average to optimum combos.

Another minor annoyance would be Modok as Modok’s mobility is so unique and his shield can protect him from proper lockdown from Dante. Fortunately no matter how high Modok goes, Dante always has his teleport. Plus Modok’s hitbox is pretty large and easy to clip with Dante’s long range.

With Viper you only gotta watch out for EX Seismo, Ex Thunder Knuckle, and eyebeam but other than that I feel he beats her clean.

Captain America’s Shield Slash ranges are pretty annoying to deal with along with trigger happy Charging Star enthusiasts.

Besides that, I don’t really see any other annoyances at this point.


Dante’s match ups are really volatile, a lot of characters are miserable to fight if they get in on him and get frame advantage, but if he prevents that from happening he does really well against them. Viper is the only character I feel that no matter what his position is in relation to her he has a bad match up. Zero is often bad but there are certain angles that Dante beats him at convincingly.

The characters that once they get in make his life the most miserable are IMO: Firebrand, Magneto, Wolverine, Jill, Strider and Doom. All of whom he has a really hard time getting off of him if they start doing what they want.


Chrisis why do you like Task’s vertical arrows so much?


Vertical arrows cover one of the most useful spaces in the game where people do their most neutral movement at. Any tool that covers that area is good and unlike missiles it’s guarenteed to cover that area for you. There are a lot of really strong uses in both zoning and offense. You can set up a lot of situations where if they want to do what beats what you’re doing, arrows will punish them and you’ll get a combo. It lets you dictate the pace of the match especially if your point character has good horizontal control.


I don’t like the Hulk/Sent Drones matchup.


Zero has the matchup a little in his favor, that is why i use Devil Trigger, while in Devil Trigger the matchup turns in Dante’s favor, you gain acces to Vortex so Zero cannot be reckless in the air or he will get hit and by default killed.

Believe me or not, actually Dante is a good character to fight Vergil, he has a lot of tools that Vergil has, Dante doesn’t need to rushdown Vergil, he can zone him out and wait for a mistake, if Vergil activates swords you can go in the air because Dante has a lot of more options than Vergil in the air, and unlike Vergil ,Dante can wait patiently for the hit, you know vergil needs to come for you because he has really no zoning tools or projectiles to wait; Dante, Magneto,Zero and a couple of other characters can fight vergil because they can zone alot better than him and have more moves and options avaiables in the air, unless you are dumb to stay on the ground so he can do like 5 teleport mixups.

Spencer? come on.

I agree with that, Viper may be the only ‘‘real’’ bad matchup, though i don’t is that bad for Dante, the ‘‘good’’ side is that even if it is a bad matchup for him, he still does better than almost all the roster except for 3-5 characters, Viper is the only one who can realy threaten Dante(and almost everyone) because of EX Seismo making his best moves(Hammer,Reverb Shock,Crystal, and a cuple of others) very difficult to do without being EX Seismoed in the face, meaning that you have almost no zoning options, and without zoning Dante has serious problems.


against Hulk you have to play a careful and bait and punish game you can self assist at ranges that are to far to gama charge. Raw reverb shock is a good tool and it’ll break armor if done preemptively. Throwing is probably one the best ways to create space if your getting rush down look for opportunities at close range


I think Vergil beats Dante too, his pokes have better hitboxes while being faster, whileas normally Dante beats most characters in a poke war Vergil will beat you in both speed and priority, and if you try to zone him out with Dante’s slow projectiles he can activate swords and go nuts. It’s not free by any means but Vergil definitely has the advantage.

Also, I thought about it the other day, and I realized why crH that I thought was completely useless has it’s use. It’s there for poking against armored characters like Hulk and Sentinel, it’s a multi hitting easy hit confirm against armored characters that leads to more damage and much more meter build than reverb shock which his other only good close range poke against armored characters.


Why to fight Vergil in the ground when you can go to the air? Air Play is great against him, good projectile with almost instant recovery, Vergil can punish almost anything when on the ground, that is why unless you are Viper you should confront him in the air, or even in the ground you can preemptive Acid Rain, if he uses swords super jump use rainstorm, and if by any means he teleports you can use Hammer in reaction, or even Killer bee if you want to escape, there are a lot of things you can do with Dante, the only one that is a ‘‘bad’’ matchup for him is Viper because she can counter Dante’s zoning tools.


I’m going to look into this thanks.

Vergil is a bad match up imo. Speed and range are so good that you have to be more worried about throwing out attacks than he does. Not to mention that he can very easily confirm of those hits. I don’t see how air play is that great; all Vergil has to do is teleport behind you and then you have to block a mixup. You just have to place your attacks well, and I like to punish his teleports with st.m so I don’t have to worry about him using teleport H.


Air Play recovers fast, you can punish his teleport on reaction, i am not worried about throwing normals because i am always safe thanks to BC, i can do air play so he really cannot get near me, i don’t need to block mixups if i am in the air, and a lot of vergils go for the complete chain of ABC so if you push back the B usually you can punish it, he is not free by any means, but you can fight him back and win if you know how to use the tools Dante has.


Sentinel drones lock down/combo break the teleport and at full screen lock down normal jump height which is where Dante does most of his work. Hidden missiles is problematic. Magneto has an advantage against him on point especially, due to disruptor having a lot of durability, fast normals, and controlling the faceoff very well.


I’m talking about if he teleports behind you while you’re doing Air Play. You can’t punish his teleport in that situation and none of you normals are fast enough to beat him so yes, you’re gonna need to block a mixup.