Who deos Ryu TRUELY need his Ex's against?

As I love SA2 and the only EX I could use on that is sidekick for that 4 hit mega combo.

If however you needed ex hadoken and maybe hurricane, who would you need them against.

Lastly how much psychology comes into it when Ryu has a full bar of SA2, I mean do you guys also tend to notice people will play diff, caution wise.

EX srk is the one I use the most, and I use that against anyone. I also use EX hurricane a lot, mainly for punishment (cr.mk x ex hurricane, st. close mk x EX hurricane, etc). I really find all his EX moves pretty useful, and not really in a character specific way, I use them against anybody.

As far as your second question, Im always cautious when fighting a fully stocked shin shoryu ryu, at least until the person proves they dont know how to use it. If I see someone just throwing it out randomly, then of course I dont fear it, and will use it to my advantage, baiting out the random super and punishing with my own. Now your join date says 2002 so Im gonna assume you know how to combo into it:lol:

Ryu SA1 vs SA2 is one of those cases where each has their own distinct advantage (flexibility and of course EX moves for #1, massive damage for 2). Either way youre making a sacrifice, its all about which sacrifice better suits you.

i find EX Tatsu better for anti-throw games, not to punish.

if you had opportunity to smack someone, s. fierce x EX Joudan -> roundhouse Tatsu is much, much better for punishing. more damage + some meter gained back.


Funny enough I will try not to combo into it as then the damage goes down BUT if I have to either the stand mp then SA2 or duck lk twice and then SA2.

There is always jump in FP, stand FP, srk, SA2 and then another move but I will try not to use it in a combo.

When you’re dealing with that much damage, I think you should combo into it; it’s still going to hurt regardless. If people catch on that you aren’t comboing into it, it actually becomes a lot less threatening. All it takes is one parry and then it automatically turns into the weaker multi hitting shoryuken. You’re limited to random wakeup and anti air then, and it can be easily baited out either way.

I like all 3 SA for Ryu, i mainly play denjin but i also like SA2 cuz it’s good for psychologic mindgames, your opponent fear it when it’s ready and start playing in a different way from before. When SA2 is full it’s all about throws and karathrows cuz they’re not going to poke freely anymore in close range and they start to block low.
SA1 is definately the best super imo, it’s solid and gives u lots of EX moves to use expecially EXhadokens which are total safe on block and deal decent damage + KO, probably one of the best tools for his offensive game.
I think Ryu truly need his EXmoves, expecially EXHadokens against chunli, the bitch is his worst matchup here and when her SA2 is ready ryu can almost do nothing; tatsumaki is unsafe and she can crouch under, hadokens = eat free SA2 from almost fullscreen and so on. Jumpins are too risky and her standing HP outpokes most of ryu’s normal so what u really need here is cold blood and lots of variety in your mixup game, lots of throws and cmkxxEXhado to push her into the corner and bang her. Then when she’s forcing u into a corner an EXshoryu can help u out off the karathrow spamming of the bitch or also can lead u to eating a free SA2, well…it’s just gambling here :\
Just don’t let her build up the meter and rush her down before she gets one stock, imo shinkuu hadoken is the best choice here.


EX.Hadou is one of the Best EXs in the game. Along with EX.Tourouzan and some others…

Word. (LEVA and LiSyaoran)

Shinkuu is the best Super Art for Ryu in terms of offensive pressure and gameplay advantage. If one switches to SA2 or 3, all that changes and alot is sacrificed (But a lot is gained as well). One can’t use Ryu the same for all three Super Arts. Shin-Shoryu can scare peeps and is a dominant threat against rushdown players while Denjin is based on using set-ups that will score big damage. Ryu does need EX-Haou to offer mid-range/far-range attacks that are a threat. EX-Tats isn’t too useful except you can confuse opponents who might forget Ryu’s and Ken’s EX-Tats are different. As Kal El mentioned, it is best used for anti-throw games as well as some air to air. (Really iffy and not reliable or advised. Mix up with MP to keep opponents guessing.)

Ryu needs EX-Hadou in every situation because it is safe and punishes. Use it to bring Ryu closer to his opponent and unleash Ryu’s strong close game.

SA1: Multipurpose super(Anti-Air, Hit Confirm, Block Punish, Full screen punish), Good EX Storage. (EX often used offensively and defensively)

SA2: Single Use/High Damage/High Priority(Match Swing Psychological component), Fair EX Storage(Not often used)

SA3: Single Use/Variable Stun(Stun Bar Pressure/Psychological Component/Compliments Corner Game), Poor EX Storage(Not often used/Chance Damage oppurtunities)