Who did it better?

couldn’t find another thread like this,hopefully there isn’t.
There tends to be a lot of stock characters in fighters,shotos,the bruce lee ripoff,the 360 grappler,the muay thai expert,as well as a couple that are similar yet not necessarily a stock character like mr.big and eagle. pick 2 or more similar characters and explain who you think is better.

Winner in bold…

Dragon (World Heroes) vs **Fei Long **(Street Fighter)

I say Mr. Big is much cooler than Eagle, if only because he looks like a fucking pimp. I have a second team in KOF98UM because of him, in vanilla 98 I played Yamazaki, Yashiro, and Chang (Recreationally, never seriously)

Then I was playing my friend in UM and decided to pick a team with Mr. Big in it, that sorta branched off to create the Multi-Culturally Black Team, composed of Mr. Big, Lucky Glauber, and Heavy D. I’d never used Lucky or D before, and only used Mr. Big once or twice, but that team is still fun as hell.

Oh, and more on-topic, now that I think of it Heavy D, Dudley, and Boxer all have a stereotype in common…African American boxers, of course, albeit with drastically different play styles.

EDIT: Forgot to say who is better of those 3… I like Heavy D’s moveset the best, because I can use it more effectively than I can the other two, but Dudley and Boxer are way more memorable, and as far as I’ve seen, more beastly than D in the right hands.

Chun Li and Mai, busty babes in a sea of male fighters.

Chun Li takes the cake. THE female of fighters.

Don’'t forget about the old kung fu expert like Gen and Shun Di from Virtual Fighter.

The Ninja!

Hattori Hanzo for best ninja, and there’s been quite a few of them.
Ryu/Ken better than Ryo
Freeman better than Iori (going to get yelled at for that one)
Sakura better than Yuri
King better than Wolf

I disagree. I think Vice is the best lesbian dyke.

im glad people are coming up with stock character types, but if you could explain who is better,id prefere that. i know i’m going to get complaints about this one,but for a ninja i would say a tie between scorpion due to being an undead hell ninja who burns people alive and who is among the top tiers in the 3D MK games and hayabusa,due to ninja gaiden

is this limited to 2-D fighters? cause sagat vs bruce from tekken

and sagat >>>>> bruce in every aspect of muay thai

and gen vs wang, i perfer gen since i like his moveset better and he’s alot faster

Tizoc is the best 360 grappler.

cloud from final fantasy 7 versus goku from dragonball z

i can relate to cloud more so he is the winner plus he has omnislash >_>

fuck that, that mexican wanna be has got NOTHING on the true mexican grappler, t.hawk

both 2D and 3D allowed,has to have appeared in a fighting game

dudley’s not american. and whether or not he’s of african descent is debatable.

Duck King is the best Blanka ever. He’s like Blanka + T.Hawk, so those whiff ball -> grab tactics get really fun when you have unlimited command grab supers.

Alright, you got me there, but all three boxers are clearly colored, which is the point I was trying to get across =P

Oh, and someone mentioned Shun Di? To compare two drunken masters, Brad Wong is more stylish and cooler than the stereotypical old drunk…however, Shun Di’s technique is way more refined and he’s a bit funner to play than Wong.

Steve fox is the best Boxer
Fei Long and Law is up in the air for best bruce lee
Kens my fav shoto
Best Muay tai is Joe Higashi (i think thats his last name)

Yes, Vice is freaking awesome. I’ve recently decided to play her in kof, so much fun. She is one psycho chick, and quite hot. :lovin:

Igniz vs Gill - the “I am a god”-type of villain… I’m leaning towards Igniz.

Ryoko from Fighters History better than Ryoko from World Heroes.

Fighters History (Original) Announcer > Any Capcom Announcer Ever.