Who did it better?

I’m going to say Brad from VF is the best Muy Thai fighter, his sway’s and ducks are so authentic.

Guile is the best military commando type fighter- although I may be biased.

Mitsurugi is my favorite Samuria even better than the entire cast of Samsho.

Voldo wins.

Nah, Mukuro (Last Blade 2) beats Voldo hands down…

and personally, I always felt Jam from guilty gear topped both Chun-Li and Mai (but that’s just me).

chang is probably the best character in any fighting game

Hwoarang is the best Tae Kwon-do character.

you cant 4get the token black guy whos sole purpose is comic relief

ie: Tony from Bushido Blade:looney:

these characters where inspired by the kung fu movies we grew up watching.


the guy from operation scorpion on that game


shang tsung…the guy who can have the abilities of any other chara

i wish more games did this
even if it was in the style of edge master, 1 random style per round

Rogue had something similar in X-men vs. but they took it away in later vs games :tdown:

Jacky Bryant, I’m voting for best Bruce Lee wannabe. Fei and the others look Bruce but Jacky moves like Bruce and he’s waaay more fluid.

Taka better than E.Honda.

El Blaze is still the must fun Lucha/Grappler in a fighting game.

Lucky Glauber wins for most offensive stereotype.

Isn’t Heavy D! Mexican?

I honestly don’t know…is he really?He always looked black to me.Hell, us black folk are so confusing, I don’t even know where my dad’s side of the family gets their color. We could be Haitian for all I know =P

Heavy D! is supposed to be Cuban-American, if I recall.
So, black AND latino.

You mean Magic Dunker is… Christ, what was the name of that horrible horrible game this guy is in? It’s a neo-geo game, and god is this guy just a racist character creation.

Marco(mark of the wolves) vs Makoto now thats a close call…

i like em both, but i ll give it to makoto cause she’s a chick and she wanna fight Ryu to gain some respect…

Bruce Lee - Marshall Law (Tekken)
Sumo - Taka-arishi (VF3/5R)
Wrestler - Big Bear (Fatal Fury 2/CVS)
Samurai - Jubei Yagyu (Samurai Showdown)
Ninja - Kage (VF)
Boxer - TJ Combo (Killer Instinct)
Shotokan - Jean (VF5R)
Lucha libre - El Blaze (VF)
Female - Setsuka (SC3)
Boss - Kazuya (Tekken 2)

Psycho Criminal… I’m gonna have to say Yamazaki.
Freeman is awesome, but Yamazaki is just in a different tier of his own on this one.
There has to be more contenders but I can’t think of any right now.

I’m confused, are these those stupid character polls from ign or whatever or is this SRK?

Marco and Makoto aren’t ANYTHING alike… at all. Marco should be in the “who’s best shoto clone” category. If anything Makoto is more like Takuma, at best.

Heavy D and The Boyz > Heavy D! from SNK