Who did match commentary at Evo?


Can we try to put together a complete list of commentators on the stream for each game? This kind of info always ends up getting lost forever if someone doesn’t compile it within the first month.


Seth Killian


For Guilty Gear and the BlazBlue 3v3 exhibition finals it was: Keits, Skisonic, and myself.


I give prompts to Seth Killian as an amazing SF commentator,


I did SC4 finals with Ski and Keits.


French Fry Guy
Spirit Juice
One black guy that was commentating on SF4 for a bit.

Didn’t watch Blazblue or Tekken so if there were new people for that I missed it.


French Fry Guy = Josh Queen a.k.a. The Doctor

Spirit Juice also did Blazblue

Jaha & Aris (huge hairy guy) did some commentary for SC4 semis.


I just wanted to chime in and agree with everyone else that S-Kill did an excellent job commentating on the matches, as did the others.


in my personal opion, for now one, it should only be Seth, Ski, and Keits for the commentary!!! they went sooooo wellllll together. omg

fuck that fat fucker talkin’ about french fries. he fuckin’ sucked. fuck him.


“one black guy” < :lol:

D’nyce was on for a second or two. He fits the description so probably him. :rofl:


i know filthyrich and markman were doing tekken
and rockafeller was on for 3rd strike


“One black guy” might be Triforce on the 5on5 tourney.


Surprised noone has mentioned Dogface yet. He and S-kill were my favs.


Did Yipes do any commentary?


try doing commentary for 12 hours straight then tell me this is a good idea

my favorite thing about the evo commentary

i heard

“a rare mistake”

about 30 times


I hope they take out the chat rooms next year. It was just a floodfest of racist and homophobic bullcrap about the commentators.


Unfortunately that’s just a ustream feature, not sure if the account owner has an option to disable it or not.


My memory’s already blurring up. Did Yipes actually commentate on some of the Marvel matches, or did he just do one of those little mini-interviews?


who were the live ppl commentating during mahvel? shit was win! :china:


ya cant forget John D on the mic