Who did the SFII voices?

I’ve been googling, haven’t found anything.

I don’t recall the game credits saying anything but something like “sound effects - someones name”. Could be wrong.

If I remember correctly, Darkstalkers was the first fighter in which Capcom used professional voice actors, and the voices in SF2 were random Capcom employees. In fact, at least one SF2 voice clip came from a drum machine.

From what I heard, the CPS1 versions of the game used a voice synthesizer or something. But there is no documentation of that occuring

But it is very probable that the CPS2 versions used Capcom of Japan employees for the VA’s, even though none of that has been confirmed. I would still like to know who did the voice of the announcer and Guile.

All I know is that the voices from Sagat, Dhalsim, Guile and the announcer are all from the same source.

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As Felineki said Darkstalkers was the first Capcom fighting game who used real professional voice actors. Until that they used people who works at Capcom and the company had preferred to keep those guys anonymous.

I don’t know but i think if Capcom reveals who made the Guile’s “Sonic Boom” voice that guy can make a world tour and everybody would come, manliest voice ever recorded.

Ken’s VA is the same guy used in the first anime motion picture (Jap version). I wouldn’t be surprised if they used pro seiyuus, but left them uncredited because Chun-Li’s VA sounds professional, Gouki and T-Hawk’s sound like a familiar Jap VA, same goes for Zangief and E Honda.

But it is true that Ryu, Dhalsim, Sagat, Guile, and the announcer are the same guy.

I’m pretty sure the wiki pages for each SF character has the VA’s for all their appearances listed.

nope they don’t have any listings for the SSF2 voices actors. in fact, no one has any info on the subject.

That’s too bad. I think I’m going to dedicate a small part of my life to finding Guile’s original VA now.

You guys might want to try asking here.

The Wikis are for strategy, so most of them do not have information that is not related to gameplay, balance and strategy. I have removed all storyline I have found in the sections I help with, as I despise that stuff and it is already available at Wikipedia. Important/relevant information is usually removed from Wikipedia cos scrubs with accounts in Capcom Unity whine about stuff they do not know, and they plague the Wikipedia game pages.

There is a list of voice actors in Wikipedia pages, but I do not think they have data for SF2.

Capcom Unity is the least helpful place when it comes to obscure and vague subjects like this. Also, this question was asked millions of times over there, and no one had an answer for it.

That place is also an autistic cesspit filled with incoherent 14 year olds. Curse you for linking to it

All I know is that Capcom was lazy and used CPS1 voices for Ryu and Sim in ST while everyone else got their own. Ryu’s was just sped up a little, Sim’s is pretty much the same. Also Guile and the announcer has always had the same voice actor, although ST is pansy tier compared to CPS1 manly tier. Somebody find that guy.

Chun Li’s voice is done by a professional voice actor. I think she’s in her forties now. She’s done most of the Chun-Li voicework since at least the Alpha series… There have on occasion been different actresses cast in the role for the different anime but the same main voice has been used for most of the videogames.

The voice of Ryu seems to be rotated occasionally. You never hear the same guy twice in the animated series adaptations.

Ken’s voice actor has been more steady and Capcom has generally stuck with the same guy.



Yes, because Capcom’s staff actually asnwers questions posted here… oh wait, they don’t.

I know, it’s just that Unity seems even rougher than this place. Which is saying something.

Ask Capcom is pretty safe, only reason to troll there is if you want the distinction of being banned by the Senior VP of Capcom himself.