Who do I pm to request a name change?

Topic title says it all.

You can’t. You have two choices.

  1. Wait until December, and buy Premium for 1 year, so Wizard can change your name.


  1. Create a new account.

Really? During registration, when I try to use the name Tassadarmaster, the forum wouldn’t let me because the first four letters of my username contained a cuss word in it, so I decided to go with this temporary nickname. That rules out #2, so if I were to pick #1, would I run into the same problem, admin trying to change my name, but can’t because of the word filter?

This guys right here.


He will take care of all your SRK needs. Contact him anytime.

Yeah, I used to be Spudlyff7fan back in 1999. Then I just hit up Sep when I played FF8 and realized how beast it is compared to the FF7 shitfest. He’ll set you right.

wtf…ff8 was gay. ff7 was so much better.

maybe sep will give you another chance to get it right and change your name to spudlyfftfan.