Who do we complain about next thread

Now that sent got his nerf that many wanted, people need a new villain. So what matchup is giving troubles? I say captain america shields could use a nerf since i dont like to double jump so much. Dark Phoenix is also annoying to deal with. Zero could be the new hotness for hated character w/ his teleports being good. What are you folks thinking the new hotness for next nerf should be. Its more fun to post and complain than playing in the boring old training room anyways.

I’m gonna say Zero/Doom/Dante/Skrull/Sentinel. Oh and Sagat/Rufus.

Oh no doubt phoenix is gonna become the next villainess, but other than her wesker, taskmaster, and maybe amateratsu are all gonna start getting hated on from now on.


Everyone complain about MODOK.

Let him be the lightning rod.


how this whole spectacle surprises anyone is beyond me given that every single person responsible for a decision at capcom is a retard

Whine threads are productive.

uhh given what happened yea they are in the most literal sense

I’m loling so hard to the people that doesnt wanted a Sentinel Nerf… I loooooooove this salty tears…

My Advice with the Sentinel Nerf: Deal with it…

how about we be quiet and just play, and only post pertinent information.

Yeah guys, I fully support this thread. Maybe if we centralize all our whining, Capcom can just come into this thread every month, see who is currently OP, and then nerf them into the ground too! I went online today and was beat by a guy who used Joe. That guy has waaay to much damage and health! I say we give him a 400k life nerf too; we’ll see if he can still be so cheap with 480k life!

Man, this is a way easier way to win than that stupid “training mode” thing that they put in the game for some reason.

But if we actually do that we wont get other annoying characters nerfed. Its much easier than actually learning matchups.:razzy:

everyone’s probably going to complain about Phoenix now

I’m just gonna go ahead, take the initiative, and drop Phoenix right now before the inevitable.

Nerf phoenix; and buff Megaman, he does no damage at all, I never win with him…

It doesn’t have to be a character right? Let’s just complain about the whole X-Factor system itself! It can use a little bit of nerfing.

Throws are cheap.

Black people (the actual players) tend to have better reflexes and reactions than me (I’m white). Can we nerf black people somehow?

And this is why basing balance changes on people bitching is not quite the foolproof plan some people make it out to be. People who always wanted the era of ‘NO WORRIES, IT CAN BE PATCHED!’ are going to get their wish with arbitrary updates completely rewriting character balance. Congratulations.

Dear Capcom,

There are too many good characters in MvC3. Please eliminate three.

P.S. I am not a crackpot.