Who do we complain about next thread

If only it could be that way… :confused:

Nerf Dante. He’s a boring character with too many good moves and I don’t like losing to him.

Now replaced “Dante” with “Sentinel” and that’s pretty much the only justification for his nerfs.

lol @ all the crying i guess people cant get over the fact that thier brainless crutch of a character got SLIGHTLY nerfed get over it

Nerf Dormammu’s voice. Too good.

why are people crying over it, sentinel still has one of the best assist in the game, and the highest damage out put as well and he has plenty of ways to get in, hulk and haggar do high damage but it takes more skill to get in with them, stop crying about the sentinel nerf, people said to stop complaining about sentinel to just deal with it, well now the tables are turned just deal with it.

Wesker is the person I hate fighting the most, but that was true even with beefysent.

Most people aren’t crying about the actual nerf to Sentinel, it’s that such a notable nerf was applied only a month after the game came out with no real warning and because it looks like they largely did it in response to people’s complaints. People are worried that this kind of thing will be a go-to option for the next thing that’s ‘too good’ and a lot of people complain about. Some of you are so short-sighted.

I may be wrong, but I thought it was a good thing when developers paid attention to feedback?

Obviously people think it’s an extreme nerf, but at least they paid attention.

wolverine/phoenix/JP wesker voice



It was a pretty drastic change that happened before a lot of people even looked into finding a reliable solution for Sent. A lot of the complaining was from people that didn’t even bother to put in time to find out how to beat him so they thought he was OP. Honestly I’m more worried about Dante/Wesker than Sent, even before the nerf.

Only a month into the game is pretty early to drop a major change like this. If it happened a few months from now, along with several other notable changes to the game it would be more understandable.

what you guys seem to forget is that, this is no longer a competative only game, can an advance player beat a scrubby sentinel yea of course but for the casual average gamer it is not fun to get spammed on online by an high health high damage character. capcom is simply trying to sell more copies and bring in new people to their games and this is the way to do it. all of you keep saying that you have to put in the work, and seem to forget that its a GAME and most people don’t have the time to spend hours in training room. now i love doing combo’s and learning the game but the casual gamer does not and ultimately there are more casual gamers than there are hardcore gamers.

Let’s cut Wesker’s health down to 700-800k and remove his easy-mode otg while we’re talking about this.

Give Taskmaster and Spencer the same treatment as Wesker.

Dante really should only have Killer Bee, Sky dance and Million Dollars. Let’s remove the rest of his specials.

Sentinel still does too much damage… it’s a crutch.

Lei Lei’s armor super HAS GOT TO GO.

The dog is just annoying… neuter that bitch.

Hidden Missiles should drain Doom’s life every time the assist is called.

A snapback to bring Phoenix in should automatically kill her.

Haggar shouldn’t have a pipe or lariat assist. Tron shouldn’t have gustaff fire assist be invincibe either.

Fix all X-factor infinites/combos.

And this should all be completed within the next 2 weeks.

In other words… instead of overcoming and dealing with/trying to beat the things I don’t like (because I’m a competitive player), and instead of seeing what myself and the community can come up within a reasonable period of time (hint: not a month), I should just complain and let Capcom solve my problems for me right away. Then I can just tell people to get over it while ignoring the dumb shit that was still left in (which I’m obviously still going to use to my advantage).

The hitbox on Tron’s capture gun should go fullscreen-high, not the tiny little arrow width it has now.

I can’t rush people down mindlessly because they just pushblock and spam projectiles and shit. Capcom really needs to nerf all that projectile spam, for realz

nerf people that are good at fighting games instead as a whole

all of those would be major nerfs to those character taking down sentinel’s health is not a major nerf when its still retarded hard for 3/4 of the cast to get in on him. people are just using this “its only been one month” bullshit to cover up. if cable’s avhb would have been found out in the 1st week and then nerfed in the 2nd week nobody would have complained except the people that played him. and when did i ever say there wasnt a bunch of dumb shit still in this game?

Sentinel is still really good, just like how Sagat was still good in SSFIV after SFIV, but I do think the nerf was a bit much, leave Sentinel at like 1,100,000, he is a huge character with a massive hit box.

When Willie Nelson heard the news of the nerf, his guitar exploded in his hands.

It’s not hard AT ALL for anyone to get in on Sent. Every zoning character beats spit easily. Just don’t get hit by cr. M and you’re golden.

And that would have been HORRIBLE. Cable already has losing matchups against the other tops, take away AHVB and he wouldn’t even be competitive. That change would lower the number of useful characters. You’re actually proving yourself wrong by bringing it up.

Fixed it for you ^^

The Sent nerf seems kind of … abrupt. But his damage wasn’t nerfed, and his moves are still the same.

Guess that means Sent players must learn to block with the joystick instead of the :s: button