Who do you find the hardest to fight against?



To me the hardest I find are the Shotos.

Having fireballs, 3f SRK and hard hitting normals always deals tons of damage against me.

Landing a divekick hitting the wrong part of the opponent normally ends up getting SRKed.

And of course the zoning fireballs.

What about you guys ?


Blanka: st.lp whiffs, my corner setups don’t work and if he decides to lame it out I don’t feel like you can do much.
Bison: I’m just bad against Bison. Here I am working my ass off and all he has to do is st.HK and random scissors. Just hate how easymode Bison is and how hard you have to work as Yang. But that’s just my own fault for picking Yang.
Dhalsim: I just can’t get in. Once I get in its Game over though.
Dee Jay: His upkicks are sooooo good. Once I get the KD none of my setups work. Once he gets in the corner he’s super free though.


Yah, I’m actually facing some problems against charge characters like Blanka, Dictator and Boxer.

They can just crouch there and just wait for you to move den they react to what you gonna do.

Fighting against Blanka it’s better to use cr.lk into Mantis as he have a smaller hitbox. This also applies to Chun Li and Sakura if I’m not wrong.

Fighting against Dhalsim should be quite easy coz he’s like 2:8 against the twins.


It doesn’t whiff on Sakura, but it does on E. Honda, Chun and Blanka. Use c.lp, cl. mp, cr. mk xx slashes on them instead.

Gief is still the worst, though. Can’t do anything against a good Gief.


Totally forgot about Rufus. His worst matchup in my opinion, unless I’m doing something terribly wrong.

There’s no ideal distance against this man.
Want to stay far away? Nope, fullscreen cr.hp.
Want to get in footsie range? Eat a barrage of dive kicks.
Want to get in with a dive kick? Nope, he has normals for every possible dive kick angle.

It wouldn’t be as bad if Yang had faster normals to stuff his dive kicks. AA Dp’s is hard if he does min. height dive kicks.


I’m surprised people are struggling with shotos. I feel like Yang is almost designed to beat them.

As for my trouble match-ups, aside from Gief and T-Hawk, I’ve been having problems against Abel, Cammy and E. Honda. Abel used to be easy in AE but now due to the st.lk nerf it’s harder to play footsies against his st.mk and the dive kick nerf means you have to pick and chose your spots instead of just going all out aggression like before. The risk - reward for rushing down is now in his favor.

Cammy just seems like she does everything a bit better than Yang. E. Honda is just awful, probably my second worst match-up next to Gief.


Hmmm, I’m facing alot of problems with the shotos.

Whenever I try to divekick in, once they block they’ll spam SRK.

And I just can’t outsweep them especially Akuma with his fast walking speed.

And pointers for me ?

And yah, now you have mentioned it. I struggled against Honda too.


First I would say go on youtube and look up Yang vs any shoto. There’s a lot of videos of Best the Birds, Ojisan and Nemo bodying shotos that you can learn from.

If you’re dive kicking and they’re spamming SRK on block - just do a late tech (wait a bit longer than normal and then crouch tech). You’ll block the SRK if they’re mashing it and if they try and throw you’ll tech it. Just try and aim your dive kicks lower around their knees so you have a lot of frame advantage.

You can punish sweep-happy Akuma’s with heavy punch rekkas on block. Akuma is one of Yang’s best match-ups IMO.


Eh, thanks so much !

I didn’t know Heavy Mantis can punish Akuma’s sweep.

Seems like I still have much to learn for Yang


im not very good with yang
Bison-St.HK rapes me cant divekick cant dash in because of cant Light scissor kicks
Balrog-Well its balrog
Vega-His pokes beat all my pokes and his claw wont let me in.


I have trouble against most characters of the ‘grappler’ archetype.

Zangief: Don’t even try to throw out a divekick against this guy. Can’t get close enough to push any buttons without getting SPD, or just simply out poked. However, if I play it smart, and use palms at all the right spots plus to build that very sad amount of meter on whiff, I can best him.

T.Hawk: Lmfao…What are we supposed to do against this guy? Please someone enlighten me. This is probably my most difficult match and if I know this is who my opponent will play I just switch to E. Ryu.

Abel: Once I get stuck in his vortex, I have a really tough time getting out with no meter, and if Yang is stuck in between those damn rolls and command throws for any amount of time he dies very, very quick. During a neutral state I can handle him alright though.

Hakan: As few times as I have played this match, I would say it is fairly difficult. Once he gets his mixup game started, it can really devastate Yang if you guess wrong too many times. But, if I get my mixups started first, it’s pretty free…unless he has U2. Once he has that stocked you can’t abuse the air against him anymore.


I normally use standing HP or standing HK to attack him. And sometimes try to use cr.MK .


Grapplers, Fei, and anyone that st lp whiffs crouching on haha.


T. Hawk is winnable. He has to at least respect s.mk and s.rh at the right distance, and a blocked condor dive is either rollkicks or U2 every time, so he doesn’t have much of a jump mixup before he gets his knockdown. It’s still really difficult because the risk-reward is so skewed, but it doesn’t feel hopeless the way Gief does imo.


Same. I feel the same when I’m using Yun too, it’s a stressful experience. Sagat is another character I dislike fighting with the twins (although it feels awesome if you win).


My hardest fight is probably Abel, I seriously do not have a clue as to how to stop him. I know all the option selects to stop him from rolling out, but on the ground I find it difficult to beat st. light kick, or the forward step kick into mix ups. Honestly I’ve never been good at dealing with this. How negative is he, or is it just a mix up?

Gief is annoying, T Hawk is winnable, Blanka is irritating.

But HONDA, fuck this guy. He literally can just jump around and fierce. random headbutts and I have no clue how to stop them. I want to punish the nuetral jump, but I know that unless I get there early, I’m asking to eat a jump fierce into HHS, which is no bueno.

Rufus is also annoying, but if you stand tech with strong, you can beat a lot of the dive kick mix ups.


He’s +1, but his normals are slow as fuck so he can’t beat a throw unless he tornado throws. Our crouch tech works pretty well too unless he EX tornado throws. I don’t often say this, but jump more than you normally would. Don’t be predictable about it or anything, but Abel has a harder time than most with divekick/jump-in mixups and you definitely want to abuse that.

Honda is a really rough matchup, though I might add that once you get him on his back you can safe jump OS dp his headbutts and safe jump OS U1 every single thing he has except for EX buttslam.


When I use yang…everyone is hard to fight against… I got totally wrecked by a zanier though…and all he did was spd and jump ins. It’s hard to anti air with yang!


Zanier…god damn auto correct I said zangief!


The match ups I usually struggle with are against Seth and Cammy. Cammy is just too god like and I can’t do anything once she gets in the zone. Same with Seth. Everything I do is unsafe against Seth, and it really gets on my nerves. Bison and Gief I learned to deal with because I have friends who main them. T.Hawk is okay and I can manage, but one mistake spells death for all of us, same with Blanka.