Who do you follow in SSF4 AE Replay Channel?



Currently following

Gameinn (Daigo)

Have room for one more, any suggestions? I see quite a few Amiyu Vs Daigo replays that are great to watch :slight_smile:


Rokotsu, Profecery, Sudepedia… all great Gen players


Amiyu, Rhyllis, Rokotsu and Yeb. :stuck_out_tongue:


same as Schiff, including Yeb.


i am following amiyu and i think rhyllis. i need to start following yeb too. funny thing is a buddy of mine yanu got to fight yeb in a set so i wonder if there any replays floating around in the replay channel of those two. i really need to figure out anything i can do stop his freaking yun.


fuckin rokotsu and profecery keep using oni

stopped following them a while back


That’s a shame. Oni is by far the most terrible character design I have ever seen in street fighter. I mean if I want some dragonball Z shit I’ll just play dragonball final bout or something.


i think they still play gen, but most of the replays they put up are of no use to me


Yeb, Amiyu, Rokotsu, Warriorbysand and one Hakan player - started with Wildcat but he’s also playing a lot of Oni, so now, Samurai Drew.


Also, isn’t Oni banned for competitive play anyway? Kind of useless to main him anyway.


It’s a joke.


Yeb, Bullcat, Poongko, Hsien Chang and Aquasilk.


Following nobody at the time. I used to follow some random Japanese players, Amiyu, Rhyllis and Bono for a while. There are still 50+ replays I’m going to watch with some people in replay channels someday.


no one because it’s annoying having it check every time when all I really want to do is play.


I follow rokotsu, leGENdary kiryu, profecery, amiyu99 and Sude beginner.


Respect thanks. Think you are the 2nd person following me :slight_smile:


Respect to you sir, and THANK YOU! I will learn a lot from you. Those are the people I follow on XBL but I also follow RightBackBill on PSN. He’s the only person I follow on PSN. I’ve been thinking about dropping Sude Beginner and adding Yeb in his place.


I’d follow you too, Messiah, but I’d rather see your replays on Youtube since they’re put together well and have tight music!


no tight music the last few matches. got lazy and turned on BGM. Will have them back soon though :slight_smile:


I wish I had the time to record videos :confused: