Who do you guys alt?

I’ve been having a dilemma as of late. I am a full on Rog player and I love using him. Unfortunately, I do not know how to use anyone else really. Aside from knowing the moves of other characters, I dont really have any other character to run to other than Rog.

I tried Chun, but if she had more HP, I would use her fully, but she gets punished pretty badly.

I hate fighting Sagat as Rog, so I was wondering who everyone else alts to when they dont use Rog. Is it a easy transition? I hate Sagat.

Btw Did I mention how much I hate Sagat…cheating mofo…:crybaby:

I use Sim as my alt for Rog because honestly, Rog’s only bad match-up is Sagat and Sim goes even with him. Obviously Sagat doesn’t have a bad match-up so I looked for characters with even match-ups, and I wasn’t a big fan of Ryu or C.Viper who also have even match-ups with Sagat. The transition was easy for me because I main Rog in ST and have Sim as my alt in ST. Rog’s bad match-ups in ST were Gief and somewhat Honda(but not really), and Sim did very well against both. It all just fits in nicely for me.

I sort of share “main” duty between 'Rog and Sagat. They’re the only characters I can play semi-seriously, though I also dabble in about half of the rest of the cast. Sagat has always been a sort of third-choice character for me, but my favorites either didn’t make the cut (Dee Jay, Adon) or don’t feel right (Cammy), so he got moved up.

i have an alt rotation consisting of El Fuerte, Honda and Bison. i used to play Guile as well, but i just don’t have the time.

I play Balrog in any match up, but for variety’s sake I also play a lot of Seth, Some Ryu, Some Sim, and some Chun. Also the difference between calculating rog, aggro rog, calculating Seth and Aggro Seth are big enough that it heavily effects players you commonly fight against.

Alt? ALT?

When you polish your Tyson to be as a molecule-thin swiss army knife, you don’t need alts.

gouki, cammy, ryu, gief. otherwise, i do occasionally pick viper and sagat.

i want to start learning bison and abel.

I’m starting to pick up Sagat. I don’t know wtf I’m doing, but he’s so good it doesn’t even matter half the time.

Also, I play a bit of Chun and Bison. I should try Gief too.

Honda at the moment. Could be Abel though.

dictator, abel

^ the same, rog/sim in ST, i gave sim a try and i really like him in 4, just depend on my mood, if im tired and want to play slow i play sim, if i want to go balls out i use rog, any other is because im bored lol

Thanks for the input guys…

I main Rog in ST and i alt Chun gief in ST.

I guess ill give those a try. I cant play sim because he is way too slow lol…Maybe ill try gief…

Seth for Zangiefs who think they are getting smart on a counter-pick and Ryu for all purpose easy mode.

Same here. I picked up Dhalsim WAY before I picked up Balrog but I didn’t know how to use him and I didn’t feel like learning. Now that I learned Dhalsim, he is my alt and rog is my main.

i change his costume

actually i use ryu

I use el fuerte when I’m bored with rog. elf is really fun to play with even though I don’t win nearly as many matches with him.

Ryu for now. ill be going back to Gen & El as soon as i get my stick

Honda and Seth.

I alt Seth. I find it a fun opposite. With Balrog I tend to rush the opponent down or turtle hard. Seth is more jumping, warping, projectile keep away, and cr.fierce j.dp/lightning legs headstomp divekick combos. With the occasional piledriver, wee!

Wow…a lot of Seth alts. I alt Abel.