Who do you guys alt?



Probably Ryu right now, although I don’t really like him. I’d like to learn Rufus, Rose, or El Fuerte instead.


i can use anyone at a pretty decent level. i was doing ex-100 slaps loops all day on honda today

my alts can fool most people to think they’re my mains, only to realise my rog’s a different level :open_mouth:


I try not to alt anyone and just focus on Rog against all match ups. But when fustration kicks in i do tend to use Sagat when going against Gief. (Im sure you can understand why!)


Abel. He has some crazy mixups and ultra possibilities.


I alt Sagat because he was once my main when the game came out until I picked up Rog.


I use honda for fun… but i’m not really good with him. Probably should get on that dhalsim though.


I’ve picked up honda for a solid secondary, but I played Abel before Rog, just still find it hard to do Abel’s stuff on stick.


I play bison as my alt.

I like to play him against rog/viper or just randomly. I love how he’s very agressive and you can fly him around the screen with insane walk/dash speeds and just rock people’s world.

Also nice that he has some of the easiest combos ever but can still be a monster.


bison is my alt also.
i really only use him so i dont ahve to play rog mirror matches


My main is Gief, alternate is Gief.




Guile, I’ve got a soft spot for the guy whose only two moves since SFII. I play with everyone a bit, but Guile is my alt, too much damn fun to play!


I kept getting my ass beat by Sim so I decided to pick him as my alt.


bison and occasionally abel…


My main is Akuma. And my alts are Ryu and Balrog. Though I like to use Balrog more since he is more fun to use.

PS. I know I’m doing opposite but I’m a Balrog fan.


I mainly alt seth… I just find him a fun character… and a counterpick against gief…

although the sagat matchup i would have to pick someone like sim, just because i

used to main him before i mained rog… so i alt seth and main rog :bgrin:


at the moment i`m trying to learn Viper… she rocks !!


Abel fo shooo!


Guile, Rufus and occasionally Abel. although Guile and Boxer is who I use most in Championship mode


i half main rog and fei. its fun making the transition with charge/qcf.