Who do you guys alt?

Was tryin to alt fuerte but that didnt go too well. still trying to decide between claw and honda.

but my best non charge character is ryu. just spent an hour messin with combos and seen how much damage i could deal. recomend the same if youre still undecided.

Or you could pick a good character. :razzy::wink:

I alt Seth, despite the fact that he takes damage like a blind quadriplegic hemophiliac.

I’ve mained Vega(Claw) since the game came out. I just started learning Balrog and wana make him my main once I master his combos and learn all the matchups.
I’m also learning Akuma and Chun Li

I dont really use anyone else on a competitive level. Though for fun I use Bison and Ken.

akuma, because he has so may mixups and combos :pray:

Seth at this moment in time.

rog. ken. gief.

Honda and Blanka, mess about with sim too.


main - Guile
alt - Rog


main - Rog
alt - Guile

alts - cammy and easy mode ryu

My alt is everyone who isn’t rog.

i have no good alt on the level of my rog… dude is just too sick. the only people i consistently have problems with and would possibly switch chars with is Gen, and a VERY GOOD geif (im solid against 90 percent of Geifs, its the other 10% that piss me off, and that 10% always happens to face me in a g1 finals match ;(( )

trying to train up my ken though… cammy was my alt before but she blows too hard to be effective. bison is also good too but meh

Gouki is my alt, as I am one of the believers that Gouki vs opposing Sagat is 6-4 in my favor.
Gouki+Balrog is one of the most synergistic pairs in the game, in my opinion.

KEN MASTERS… Picking up Dhalsim tho, once my xbox is fixed ):

Ryu or Akuma. I started off with Sagat and i’m quite good with him (well, actually better than with boxer, but who isn’t with sagat and his bullshit full ultra juggles) but I just find it boring to play with him and whenever I win i feel like I just cheated or something.

I only use it once in a while as a counterpick to Gief (I suck in that matchup with Rog) when it’s blatantly clear that the other guy is gonna use him (gief icon + title). If he ends up choosing another char…well, sagat is beastly and I usually end up winning anyways

My alt is Vega though they are both sort of my mains more than being alts. Play them about 50/50 but i like keeping it as charge characters. When playing a character like sagat i often find i crouch all the time as a habit.

My alternate character is Rufus…When I first got the game I used Rufus, but was really horrible. Then I picked up Balrog from watching Gootecks play Rog. I still switch off between the two. I wanna learn how to use Sagat and Sim though. Maybe Guile.

LOL. Good luck with -that- one. :smiley:

i use bison just to beat sagat and zangief

bison and rofl at picking bison to beat sagat. i dont’ think he does any better then balrog to be honest.